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Where did all the good men go?

My last blog was in June, and the last encounter with Instagram was some time last week. For everyone who has enjoyed one gentleman’s perspective, please forgive this delayed post. I honestly wasn’t aware many find my posts interesting, but you know what you know and don’t what you don’t. In other words, unless someone provides feedback, I wouldn’t be aware, so thank you all sincerely for the positive acknowledgement. I am truly humbled and appreciative.

There are many blogs online, and among them all, you’ve decided to follow along with my journey. Thank you.

I want to now address something I have heard in the past, as well as through current conversations, whenever my relationship comes up. I am exaggerating of course, but if we go by the belief of many women, I think I’m perhaps the last good man alive. Here’s the problem with this assessment…it is 100% inaccurate.

I’ll explain as best as possible, through one gentleman’s perspective, where the good men have all gone.

So, where are they? Where have all the good men gone? They are right in front of you. I know, it sounds weird, but not really. How could someone be right before your very eyes, and somehow never become noticed? The answer is far easier than you may think. In today’s dating environment, many women are subconsciously looking for their Superman. They like to call these standards a preference, but if a male were to possess a comparable preference for women, they apply such labels as shallow and possibly a pig. I laugh at this because not only is it hypocritical, but it lacks logic.

You seek a top-tiered superhero like Superman, and yet your qualities are that of a D-List character like Matter-Eater Lad. Wait, who the heck is Matter-Eater Lad? Exactly.

I am not perfect by a long shot, but she saw something in me, where I was perfect for her. She was able to see both Clark Kent and Superman at the same time. However, many women overlook Superman, because the initial encounter was merely Clark Kent. Who wants Clark Kent, when Superman is waiting right around the corner?

The problem with this idea of overlooking Clark, because of your anticipation for Superman’s eventual arrival; you wait forever and ever and ever, until you eventually settle. This time, the person is far worse than Matter-Eater Lad. This time, he’s The Buzz—a character who’s the knockoff of a knockoff. You overlooked Clark, because you failed to realize he was truly Superman. In essence, being with Clark in your eyes, well, it’s settling. Now, since you’ve decided to wait for greener pastures, you actually ended up with someone where you genuinely did settle. How do you like them apples?

What’s the point? Societal depictions of perfection…they do not exist. Set your own ideals and stop chalking up the guy who will be the greatest thing you’ve ever known, as not worthy of your time. What makes you worthy of his? Get off the high horse for a bit, and experience a dose of humility. There’s nothing wrong with having preferences. All I’m saying is this: if you want a guy with six pack abs, glance in the mirror and tell me if you’re a perfect 10. If he must earn seven figures annually, why are you on welfare? If he must be a well-traveled man, why have you never left your city? If he must respect you unconditionally, why is it you don’t even respect yourself?

Sometimes we don’t need statistics to prove a point; simply speak from experience. When you pay attention to the thoughts and experiences of others, there’s no greater life lesson. We all want someone to love…it’s biology. There are anomalies to this of course, but overall, we all want someone to love. When we set unattainable preferences and refuse to embrace a sense of humility, we end up being that old lady or gent, surrounded by a thousand cats and no partner.

We aren’t perfect, yet for some reason, some women like to believe they possess no flaws whatsoever. Therefore, a partner is unworthy if he doesn’t meet all items on her checklist. Continue extending that checklist, but add one more item to that list…kitty litter.

…to be continued

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