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What is a gentleman? Long ago if you asked me this question, my answer would consist of an old English professor from Oxford University, similar to the appearance of Indiana Jones. However, this was an incorrect assessment, because we do not define a gentleman by his physical appearance alone. When you enter the path of a gentleman, it’s a lifestyle, not merely an appearance.

So, who am I? I am a son, uncle, brother, husband, but above all else, I am a gentleman. What exactly is my definition of a gentleman today? I believe a gentleman is one who has good character, remains chivalrous, courteous, and honorable. A gentleman maintains integrity, even when others are not in his presence.

A gentleman is one who teaches, but has no gripes when it comes to acquiring information from others. A man who believes he knows everything, in reality, he knows nothing at all. A gentleman is one who grabs hold to humility, but is also confident.

Sadly, this depiction has diminished in the popular culture, in order to follow a path a gentleman does not stand for. Today, it is far easier to give up one’s principles, all in the pursuit for fame. Because of this, my wife desired to spread my perspective: a perspective that was able to guide a boy from adolescent into manhood. There was something in my perspective on popular culture, as well as topics considered taboo, she felt others should become aware.

I am no expert—I am merely a guy with a vision to change the thoughts of young males, who refuse to become men.

Age does not define manhood, your state of mind does.

There are elements that guide young boys onto a path, which never leads to a gentleman’s lifestyle. There are far too many measures in place, to diminish a young girl’s desire to become a lady. With this in mind, during the introduction of 2014, my amazingly beautiful and gifted wife, created this concept of One Gentleman’s Perspective.

Through my perspective, I want to initiate a world where young boys hone a more distinguished sense of style, sense of self, relationships with meaning, an understanding for finances and an overall life worth living.

Being a gentleman isn’t simply wearing a designer suit, driving a Maserati and smoking a cigar—it is a way of life. Whether you are old, young, male or female, follow along this journey through One Gentleman’s Perspective.

7 thoughts on “About One Gentleman”

  1. Oh, I just love the idea behind your blog! So many guys need a lesson in their lives. Glad to see a guy that thinks this is important. Fabulous.


    • I am truly humbled by that comment. My wife is the reason this all started. She felt I had something others would like to read. I’ve always heard I have a different spin on life, that other males my age seem to lack. I think this is due to my appreciation for life in general and never taking a moment for granted. When you don’t take seconds for granted, you develop a level of respect for your fellow man and of course woman. I’m appreciative that others on this website enjoy the message.


  2. Did you change your theme? Or am I just remembering how it looked incorrectly? Looks lovely regardless.


    • Good day. I did actually. The original was very bland and was in dire need of fine tuning. There are other changes to come, but I too believe this one looks much better. It has a cleaner appearance. Thanks.


  3. Came across a blog you might be interested in looking through. You came to mind when I saw his. I sent him yours as well.


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