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I am very much aware; some will agree and others will disagree with my perspective. The posts are simply to share my thoughts and gather a respectful exchange of ideas. In this blogging arena, I am learning about the process, with each post uploaded. This brings to mind the purpose behind this blog. Upon reading the recent post on receiving the treatment of a lady, someone went to their Twitter account and utilized a tactic I do not consider fighting fair. As opposed to bringing their opinion to my attention, they did this:

When Blogging Goes Wrong

Rape and One Gentleman do not go together. I may address the topic, and point out the biased reaction for male and female victims, but I do not condone rape or undermine the trauma of rape. It is a sad day when a person cannot argue logically, so they use low-blow tactics to silence the other. You cannot create your own argument, and then pass it off as if it were something I created.

It is a sad day when a person cannot logically argue against your points, so they create one. Call me ugly, stupid, etc…but use arguments to validate your point. However, refrain from saying something I did not say.

Rape is a very serious topic; the mere whisper can ruin a man’s good name. A misinterpretation of what he conveys about rape, can quickly dismantle his image. It is imperative that we remain aware of our word selection.

An exchange of ideas will always be a good thing in my mind. Whether one disagrees or agrees, that is irrelevant. The idea is to have an exchange of ideas.

However, somewhere on this journey, along comes the emotion.

When did it become acceptable, where people refuse to agree to disagree? When did it become okay to misinterpret what someone conveys, and then use your erroneous interpretation, as if you are quoting said individual?

Here is an example.

Person A: There have been recent robberies in the neighborhood, so as your neighborhood watch captain, I advise everyone to lock their doors and windows. Remain aware about setting your alarms and look out for one another.

Person B: So, you are telling me that I am irresponsible and deserve to have my home burglarized.

Person A: (Stares blankly) I am not saying that at all. I am saying you should take precautions and look out for the other neighbors as well.

Person B: So, you are now saying I am irresponsible but must also babysit my neighbors.

This type of thinking is dangerous. It can lead to negative communication, and a lasting aura that has nothing to do with the speaker involved.

Miscommunication seems to be a virus, one where many fall victim but fail to admit. I am an advocate for clarity, because it can lead to situations like the one above. It took years for me to understand the power of miscommunication…and I am still learning. While communicating, we must refrain from fighting unfairly.

Sadly, this takes place offline, but there is a serious epidemic online. How did we get here?  What is to blame? Interacting online should be fun and interesting, not hostile and irrational. Miscommunication is bound to happen, but it is up to us to ask for clarity.

As One Gentleman, I ask my fellow bloggers, vloggers and all other online participants, if there is ever a chance you do not understand something 100%, simply ask. Do not assume, walk away or react irrationally. Just ask. We are not enemies, well; I am surely not here to spread negativity. Every day above ground is a good day, even when it is not. Keep your negative energy to yourself. Negativity is one thing kindergarten taught you not to share.

However, if that is your goal, please kick rocks with a pair of open toe sandals. LoL