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This blog and overall concept comes directly from my wife. Without her, we would not have One Gentleman’s Perspective. On two separate occasions, we touched on the style aspect of the blog. She knows me very well, therefore, understands the importance that style plays in a gentleman’s lifestyle. Honestly, I was not sure how to incorporate that aspect. It was all a blur until she said, why don’t you share your perspective on dressing the part, calling it One Gentleman’s Closet?

My wife is far smarter than she lets on, which is why I believe in embracing or at least, taking into consideration the opinions of other people. One Gentleman’s Closet…that is bloody brilliant. What can you expect in this closet? I will give my perspective on the following, but not limited to:

  • How to properly complement colors
  • Upon request, share my network of tailors scattered throughout most countries. I try to keep my ears and eyes open for talent, so it makes sense to direct you to someone who can assist in your wardrobe
  • How to dress like a gentleman within your budget
  • General tips such as how to tie techniques, what to wear depending on the event, how to shop for women, how to shine your shoes, laundry care, etc.
  • Understanding the definitions for different clothing terms
  • How to dress for your physique and style

Clothing will not, nor can it make the man. A man defines his choice in clothing, thus, he makes the clothing shine. In my opinion, dressing well is an extension of having good manners. Regardless what you may think, the way you dress is how people interpret who you are.

When I enter a meeting, my presence demands a certain reaction. Why is this? Is it because of the tailored suit? No! It is the guy behind this tailored suit, who demands a certain reaction.

A $3K Ermenegildo Zegna DB check suit is just a suit, if its wearer lacks confidence and does not fit well. On the other hand, a made-to-measure or bespoke suit on a guy with confidence, that is an entirely different conversation. As my wife posted on her Pinterest, A well-tailored suit is to women, what lingerie is for men.

I am no expert. As always, I am just one guy with an opinion. However, people seem to give compliments and ask for my opinion on clothing quite often. I am far too humble to take credit. All credit goes to my tailor, and the countless other clothiers I have come  across over the years.

The craftsmanship of a gifted tailor is something else. The attention to detail when they are putting together a piece of fabric, reminds me of a surgeon in a hospital room.

This platform is one, which I will use to help others who are curious, on what it means to dress the part of a gentleman.

The most important thing to remember is this: your style trumps fads and trends. What works for someone else, may not work for you. What works for you, will not work for someone else. Observe my guidelines, but choose what works best for you. Fashion is the umbrella, but you make it your own through your interpretation, or what we call your style.

There is one thing in particular, that I genuinely wish would just die a horrible death, and this is of course sagging pants.

I cannot stand by and watch young boys and adult males continue believing, that sagging their pants is somehow fashionable. You then see them wobbling along like penguins, because moving about becomes rather difficult, when you place your pants far below the waistline. This lacks sound reasoning. You lower your pants so low, it becomes difficult to walk, which you then periodically pull up. This Makes No Sense. 

On behalf of other like-minded folks, no one wants to see your darn boxers. 

Begin this journey through One Gentleman’s Closet with me, and feel free to share your thoughts every step of the way. I am a student of style, therefore, I am always learning.