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Before I create a post, I make an assessment on the controversial nature of the subject. I then observe the climate of the discussion in public forum, and draw a reasonable conclusion to the extent of feedback.

The subject of rape is making its rounds on social media, and public policy in Western countries. Well, rape against women. All other forms of rape are like the ugly duckling or stepchild, which few want to acknowledge.

On social media, we blame men and boys for everything and anything. It’s like a broken record that plays on repeat. The saddest thing of all—there are countless people falling for this silly message. What is one of the driving forces behind this trend?

1:4/1:5 women are raped/sexually assaulted on college campus

The amount of faulty collection of data, and outright lies in this statement makes my head hurt.

If people would simply do their due diligence, the statistical falsehood of the statement becomes apparent. Interestingly, a number of logical people, both men and women, have researched the 1:4/1:5 lie.

Like me, they do not blindly follow an idea, simply because the ones leading the charge are male or female. Instead, they sought to follow real evidence, in order to discover the source for the 1:4/1:5 figures.

I can create several posts addressing the various findings, which refute the outright lie, but that’s not the purpose today.

However, when you have people who want to insight fear mongering and push an agenda, they do not use facts to support their position. Instead, they create facts to make their position valid.

I became aware of this, while observing the UVA rape story. I will not address the idea that she was a victim of rape or not. Instead, I want to share my opinion, on five things I learned from the handling of the story.

First, rape is a crime that only warrants the perspective of one side, in order for many people to accept its validity. Unlike any other crime, where you have the accused and accuser presenting their case, with rape, social media says the explanation of the accused is irrelevant. #IDontBelieveInDueProcess.

Secondly, whenever males mention the importance of analyzing evidence, before vilifying the accused during an allegation of rape, he becomes a sexist, rape apologist and hates women.

Interestingly, whenever females bring up the importance of evidence, before we condemn a man with the rapist label, she becomes an internal misogynist, transferring her inner hatred against the entire female population. #WhoCaresAboutEvidence?

Thirdly, upon the allegation of rape, provovateurs decided that the allegation alone warrants the following…

A. Changing campus rules
B. Vandalizing of property
C. Requesting for the immediate arrest of the accused
D. Request for immediate expulsion
E. Use the story to validate the 1:4/1:5 agenda

Fourthly, news outlets begin creating panels to discuss the story. Sadly, many panel participants will use the allegation as a platform to spread…

A. More misleading statistics about rape
B. The idea that society hates women in Western countries
C. The idea that there is a war against women in Western countries
D. The idea that it is perfectly acceptable to vilify with irrational arguments, any male or female panelist, who disagrees with the rhetoric

Fifthly, upon creating a story that could tarnish the reputation of the university and of course fraternity, the author of the publication faces little repercussions, for lacking this simple thing known as journalistic due diligence.

In essence, “Hey, we screwed up big time here. However, it’s your fault for believing us. We are sorry you read the article, and we are sorry you didn’t fact check our story. As for all fraternity members, well, keep it in your pants.

If other guys in history didn’t rape women, people wouldn’t rightfully believe in the validity of this story. Therefore, you wouldn’t find yourselves in such a mess. #RapeCulture. #BlameTheHistoryOfMen.

Oh yeah, we think our reporter did the best with the little she had. Therefore, we see no need for further action, beyond the embarrassment she has already suffered. #GetOverIt. #ItsJackiesFaultNotOurs.”

You know, as a person who promotes objectively analyzing hot button issues, the way that certain news outlets and users on social media reacted to this story, bothered me for a number of reasons.

However, if I were a member of this fraternity, I would sue everything and everyone walking, who had a stake in pushing this agenda. It is one thing to lie with feelings…it is another to lie with statistics.

Due to the sensitive nature of this story, and my understanding that people tend to shy away from expressing an opinion, whenever I address similar topics, I’m far more interested in reading your thoughts. What was your initial reaction to the story, and what is your reaction now?