Ask A Gentleman’s Perspective

I believe we all have something to learn from one another.

At times, we are afraid to ask certain questions for a variety of reasons.

I want to give you an opportunity to ask any question you desire.

By doing so, you will receive a gentleman’s perspective…not a sugar-coated answer, which will do you no good.

Should I first pay off debt or invest?

What exactly does he mean when he says…?

How could I build a relationship with my children?

Do you want to know if he is wasting your time?

Is being too assertive a bad thing?

Why do women have so many shoes?

Do all women really like roses on the first date?

Provide your question below and await a response

Don’t worry, your question comes directly to my email, which means after you submit, it doesn’t get posted for all to see on this page. I understand that your privacy is vital, if anonymity is what you seek.

Share Your Perspective--It Makes Things Far More Interesting

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