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As I mentioned in a previous post, my wife has a particular topic, which she does not want me to address—ever. However, besides her one stipulation, I had a topic that I did not want to address as well. Why is this? Sometimes, when I cannot spin the topic to fit One Gentleman’s Perspective, I will not force the subject.

I think after watching a short and disturbing video clip, I figured out a way to do just that, concerning my topic that is.

My country of origin is a physically beautiful place. Millions vacation each year; admire the cuisine, music, etc.

Like any other country, each new generation receives guidance from the previous. Depending on the environment and of course guardian, the form of guidance could be detrimental, or it could be a blessing.

Beneath the culinary excellence, beaches and music, the presence of one particular belief is something that quite honestly, I feel ashamed to admit.

Young minds should learn that it is perfectly acceptable to disagree. At times, people will disagree with your opinions, and on my blog, I fully embrace these differences.

A few days ago, I observed a video clip captured from my country, which involved the stoning of a man. Curled up on the floor, slowly moving in pain was this man, drifting slowly towards death.

What did he do?

Did he murder someone? Did he rape a young boy or girl? Actually, the answer is no.

My country has an embedded hatred for homosexuals, and I understand when people have opposing viewpoints. I can understand if you say that you embrace homosexuality, and I can understand if you say that you do not.

However, what I find shameful is not merely an intellectual difference in opinions, but the physical manifestation of these differences.

Allegedly, the reason for the attack, which is quite common, occurred because he is a homosexual. I consider myself as someone who objectively analyzes hot button issues. As I think about what I watched, and the years of hearing the venom of preaching death against homosexuals, I have to admit, this video breaks my heart.

I consider life to be the greatest gift, far outweighing the world’s most precious diamond reserve. None of the oil reserves, which you can find throughout different countries, will compare to the value that comes with the birth of a human life.

I love life; I love the sunlight on my face as I awake each morning. I love the sound of birds chirping by my kitchen window. I love the softness of a cool breeze, as I am holding my wife’s hand and strolling through the park.

When I think of these examples, and analyze the video, it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart to know that a man having relations with another man gives you the right, to take his life.

It breaks my heart to think what he does consensually behind closed doors, validates other men hurling large bricks and stones, until his body remains lifeless.

How did we get here? How the bloody heck did we get here?

We have actual serial killers walking freely, with no concern for retaliation from the public. We have gunmen robbing people in their homes, and as opposed to feeling satisfied with their haul, they feel compelled to kill them as well.

We have corruption to the highest degree in my country, with no end in sight, because they have no concern for public retaliation.

Yet, an adult having a relationship with another adult is far more of an immediate threat, than an actual murderer, corrupt politician, etc.

How did we get here? I am not pushing an agenda, nor do I care for social media acknowledgment. Instead, as an objective individual on hot button issues, for the life of me, I cannot understand the logic for this action.

I was thinking of posting the video, but it is far too graphic. However, why is this not experiencing worldwide media attention?

Is this what it means to be human? Is this where we have come as a people? If you can validate taking someone’s life because of their homosexuality, then would it appear wrong if someone homosexual decided to begin stalking, and killing heterosexuals?

When we begin acting on par with animals, which we say are void of reason, empathy and rationality, what does that say about us?

Put it this way, I cannot see myself sitting inside a movie theater with my wife, and feeling the urge to punch in the face, the guy sitting next to me. He did not do anything to insight this response; he is simply sitting there.

You have to be a special kind of special, where you feel the urge to punch someone in the face for no reason. That is how I relate to this moronic, demonic, irrational and subhuman behavior, which I saw in the video.

I condemn these subhuman creatures for their actions, and they do not represent rational minded people like my family, friends or me. They are like a cancer.

They have such heightened degrees of insecurities; they feel compelled to impose upon the world. Due to the transference of this aggression, the best form of release, occurs by assaulting and killing homosexuals.

If another man’s consensual sexuality insights such hatred, it says more about you, than it does them.

I shared this video with several of my relatives and friends. One person in particular, due to a military background, has seen the worst of human nature. After viewing the clip, I received a response from this individual.

I’ve been to war countless times and I’ve witnessed horrific violence, death and physical deformity to others that would leave most battered physically and emotionally.  Needless to say, today, I watched a video that showcased the killing of a young man based solely on his sexuality on social media. Now, I understand one’s religious practice in accordance with God’s plan, family values, and basic understanding of what societal norm should display; opposite gender togetherness. At no time, should we as human beings kill another because of their sexual preferences, despite what we deem normalcy in society. Some are quite guilty of this practice as seen in the video, as they boisterously confirmed their dismay, while the young man is battered to death.

When children witness such a barbaric train of thought, manifested physically by their elders, how likely do you think they will reject this belief?

Do you think this indoctrination is something one can easily erase? Do you think they will mature into adults, rejecting this conditioning?  They can, but it will not be easy.

Why am I writing this? Children are the best of humanity. We have to do our greatest to help nurture them, into productive citizens of society. One Gentleman’s Perspective is an opinion piece, which desires to bring a different viewpoint on several subjects. At the core of my concept is the next generation.

With this behavior from my country, we are literally poisoning future leaders. Since watching the video, I cannot get the scene out of my mind.

I cannot believe that although we continue progressing as a people, so many of us remain stitched to primitive ways of thinking.

Honestly, I often joke with my wife that I lose faith in humanity on a daily basis, and through children, they seem to be the small glimmer. No one deserves dying in such a manner, simply because the person is a homosexual.

What do you think? This is entirely my perspective, but I want to know what you think. Is it okay to kill someone, because the person in question is homosexual? If so, can you logically provide an explanation?