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Is it never about race, or is it always about race? These two concepts are absolute positions, and from personal observation, I would not have a difficult time finding people forming an allegiance to one side or the other.

Which side do I believe has more evidence supporting their position? In my humble opinion, I have to say neither.

The topics of sex, race and religion will always have a bit of controversy involved. I know it and you know it. If I want to rile up a political argument on American soil, I can say the following…

President Barack Obama is the best president since Franklin D. Roosevelt because…


President Barack Obama is the worst president since Herbert Hoover because…

Regardless which position I post, there will be droves of individuals brandishing their pitchforks and Molotov cocktails.

I fail to discover sound reasoning on either side, where it is never about race or it is always about race. Once again, these perspectives represent absolute positions.

If race never plays a factor, even in instances when it does take on the leading role, we simply chalk it up as misleading. Remember, it is never about race.

Example: After requesting information about signing up his son for the team, a league administrator says, You people do not like water sports. Why would you want your son playing water polo, as opposed to joining the math league or something science related?

It’s never about race Response: You people refers to individuals lacking an interest for water sports. The administrator was not specifically referring to the disinterest of Asians and/or Pacific Islanders, in non-math or science related areas.

For people who believe it is never about race, even if a member of the KKK specifically sent me a package with a noose inside, a doctored photo of my body hanging from a tree and a stamp with an alligator eating a Black infant, there is always another explanation somehow void of race.

I know of incidents where the issue of race is rather evident, regardless of the racial makeup, yet there is always a nonsensical explanation to clarify that race did not play a factor.

This side is no better or worse, from those believing that the incident is always race related.

Example: While attending his son’s little league football game, Bob turns to another father, points to his son and says, Wow. That boy is unbelievably fast. He seems incredibly gifted in this game.

It’s always about race Response: This father is clearly a racist. Why would he label your son a boy? This language is condescending, and plays to the belief that Black men in the eyes of other people, are still boys regardless of age.

For people who believe it is always about race, the fact that the entire football team is made up of 10-year-old boys, becomes lost in the angle that everything is an act of racism. Should he refer to this 10-year-old boy as a man?

Though I believe race is not always a factor, please take off the blinders and try to understand when race is at play.

Though I believe that race can play a factor at times, please remove your programming and apply a rational perspective, where you are able to deduce other variables besides race. In short, it really depends on the situation.

This is my perspective. I am more interested in yours. What is your position on this idea that race never plays a factor, versus the one that says race always a plays a factor?