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With the creation of this blog, it was clear One Gentleman’s Perspective would be akin to a web, connecting various entities together. What ties it all together involves my perspective, as well as the effects on the breakdown of the gentleman’s lifestyle. 

One component strikes me with great intensity—the influence that dads create, in the lives of their children. The effects manifest differently for boys and girls, but today we will focus on the latter.

It may appear odd that I used the term dads instead of fathers, but this was an intentional action.

I believe any male able to procreate can be a father. You share a genetic link to the child, but not necessarily the responsibilities that come along with the role.

However, a dad is one who may not necessarily have genetic ties to said child, but will take on all responsibilities of parenting.

I love you and you are beautiful, are two phrases that a young girl must hear from her dad, long before her first relationship with boys.

Through her dad’s eyes, he desires nothing physical in return, through the expression of either phrase.

In other words, she does not need to fulfill any guidelines or requirements, for her dad to say, I love you darling.

To him, he loves her unconditionally. He loves her simply because she is his daughter.

Through his eyes, his daughter need not depict any biased societal descriptions of beauty.

To him, she is and will always be beautiful. She is beautiful with 10 fingers and 10 toes, just as if she were born with 8 fingers and 12 toes.

He will give her the world on a golden platter, merely to see a smile on her face. She knows this comes with no strings attached, because he does it all without expectation of exchange.

The relationship a daughters holds with her dad, is one that sets precedent going forward for all other males.

Without that involvement, there is the potential of her seeking to fill the void, left rather empty by an absentee dad. When her dad says, I love you, the saying occurs without conditions.

Sadly, when a male suitor does the same, unlike her dad, his intentions are not as clear.

  • Is he saying XYZ because he genuinely cares for me?
  • Does he believe it is what I want to hear?
  • Will he always love me?

Will the presence of a dad completely erase these doubts? Realistically, they will not. However, she has a greater chance of weeding through the games, that come along while dating.

With a positive role model in the form of her dad, she recognizes since a young age, the significance of being a gentleman.

She observes through the actions of her dad and his interaction with all women, the importance behind respectful and honorable treatment.

She grabs hold to a sturdy identity and self-esteem at home, minimizing the outside world from defining the standard.

The love she finds at home is one that no other man can match. She understands the love from her dad, is completely different from the love of a male suitor.

She does not seek acceptance for her worth through men. Why would she seek something her dad has already supported in helping her define?

Through you and from a very young age, your daughter should already understand what it means to be a gentleman.

Through this depiction, she will also understand the treatment that a lady must receive.

The standards you set as her first male contact, will set a clear precedent for future relationships. Do not allow society to define your daughter’s identity. It is not their responsibility—it is yours.

Do you believe that a dad’s role is important, in the life of his daughter?