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Equality is the state or quality of being equal. As for equal, well, that simply refers to being the same as something else.

There are several groups and individuals protesting in the name of equality. For some time now, I have questioned whether this definition is actually part of the message for equality advocates.

In other words, is equality truly what they desire, or do they desire something else entirely.

Today will be first in a series touching on different forms of equality. Through One Gentleman’s Perspective, I will first address domestic violence between men and women.

Women often hear that their emotions can sometimes get the best of their thought process. Is this a sexist assessment? That could not be more further from the truth. In fact, an irrational action is sometimes given a pass, simply by viewing the act as an emotional reaction.

Why is this important? For one, there is a common theme that a man should never put his hands on a woman. However, why is it not common knowledge that a woman should never put her hands on a man?

Before anyone perceives I am advocating abuse against women, let me make something very clear: physical abuse against women goes against EVERYTHING a gentleman stands for. Domestic abuse is wrong on all fronts.

I am simply pointing out the hypocrisy, where it is not only frowned upon whenever a man hits a woman, but this man also understands there are legal repercussions for the assault. A woman on the other hand, she does not necessarily fear such legal restrictions.

After a male experiences the assault of a woman, he will reject the idea of reporting to authorities for one reason: others will apply humor whenever a male mentions domestic violence, at the hands of a woman.

The masculinity of a male comes into question, within this very scenario. It is enough for any man to refuse reporting such assaults.

Think back to most, if not all domestic violence cases, with a female perpetrator and male victim. There is an undertone of humor applied to the story. There are no groups asking for this woman’s head on a platter.

There is a lack of mass tweets, condemning the woman when compared to a male perpetrator and female victim.

However, when the assault is against women and someone references a joke regarding the incident, be prepared to have your sponsors pulled. In fact, prepare yourself for the unemployment line, because you will likely lose your sense of employment.

Generally speaking, we consider the assault against women as a serious offense. When it comes to media coverage, her battered face and/or body will appear in headlines for the next 3,000 news cycles. Why is this not the same for men?

How is one assault funny and given a pass, whereas the other receives severe empathy and becomes a crime against humanity? It seems society holds men to different standards than women, when it comes to manning up.

It appears we expect men to accept their fates without question. If the desire is to have equality, should we not condemn and treat both crimes equally?

In this scenario of equal treatment, do some women legitimately desire fairness or do they require equality, until the act somehow affects them negatively.

At this point, it seems some are only interested in superior treatment. However, if the desire is for equal treatment, do not give one perpetrator a pass but vilify the other. Until that happens, this is unequal and lacks all sense of fairness.