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Sexual assault is such an important and broad topic, I cannot express through One Gentleman’s Perspective, in just one entry alone. For this reason, I will address the topic over several.  Pedophilia is the psychological condition where a MAN is sexually attracted to children. As for sexual predator, we have a MAN who repeatedly commits sexual crimes in a predatory manner.

Wait, I thought pedophilia is a condition where a man or WOMAN is sexually attracted to children. I was also under the impression a sexual predator can be both male or FEMALE.

If so, why does society add a positive label when the perpetrator is female and the victim male, yet a rather vile perspective with a reversal of said roles? Even though the actual definition of a pedophile and sexual predator includes both male and female, society seems to point the finger solely upon males.

In fact, there’s a belief that males are pedophiles by nature. According to those with a biased outlook, it seems men have an innate attraction to children.

This horrible belief explains the reason several airlines set in motion a rule, which prohibits a male passenger from sitting next to unaccompanied children. Wowzers!

The list of airlines with this rather interesting rule includes British Airways, Qantas, Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia.

As of 2012, only after a successful lawsuit brought on by passenger Mirko Fisher, British Airways reversed course but the other Airlines have not. The reason for this gender based restriction by British Airways; they were simply reacting to fears of sexual assault.

In my sincerest and most sarcastic tone, logic and science proves ONLY MEN CONDUCT SEXUAL ASSAULTS. That’s right; keep your children away from men only, because women surely cannot be sexual predators or pedophiles.

As a young gentleman living in a society that highlights equality, it’s a bit strange hearing of this decision by certain airlines.

Not only do we like to pretend incidents against boys by women do not occur, we are setting the stage making it easier, for female perpetrators to have a sense of relief.

This relief comes because they know the greatest crime is one in which, no one believes it can exist. She also knows if a sentencing occurs at all, her jail judgment will be far less than that of her male counterpart.

When underage boys experience sexual acts with a female authority figure, he receives a pat on the back, because ultimately, this is what all boys want. Somehow, you will not find this consensus for any form of sexual contact, with a female victim and male or female perpetrator.

Try to imagine a statutory rape allegation, which involves a 16-year-old girl at the hands of her 32-year-old male soccer coach.  Now imagine I said…

He was sought after by this young girl–she clearly asked for him to perform cunnilingus. In fact, she got exactly what she deserved.

There would be an online campaign for #victimblaming, consisting of celebrity and non-celebrity members, labeling me a rape apologist.

Pedophiles come in both genders and they are the same. It is not worse when the perpetrator is male, nor is it worse with a female offender. However, you will be hard-pressed to gather this understanding, by the current societal hypocrisy.

For some reason, a boy is asking for it.  Well, he had an erection and she is a very attractive teacher. What’s wrong with that? This is every young boy’s greatest fantasy. Really?

Let us alter the roles a bit…Well, she had an orgasm and he was a very attractive teacher. What’s wrong with that? This is every young girl’s greatest fantasy. Could you imagine the backlash, if any male or female were to say to a young girl in this situation, that she was asking for it?

I have to admit, while younger, I saw nothing wrong with male students exploring every inch of an attractive female teacher. What heterosexual male is against having sexual relations with older women?

Things have clearly changed. As a young boy, I thought as a boy, but now as a young gentleman, I think as a young gentleman. It is not all rainbows and unicorns, simply because the victim has a penis.

There are long-term ramifications, when a young boy finds himself in such an unequal sexual relationship.

The lasting effects can include shame, guilt, sexual dysfunction, impaired relationships and a host of others problems.

Sex is wonderful, but in my opinion, only when you have the capacity to understand what it means to consent. With a situation involving someone in a leadership role and a minor, the adult can easily blur the lines.

Through One Gentleman’s Perspective, it is no laughing matter when an underage individual is a victim of this heinous crime—boy, girl…it simply does not matter.

This topic is another case of unequal treatment and unequal reaction. If the goal is for equality, we should not vilify one and then view the other, as if it does not exist. This once again, lacks all sense of fairness.