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Relationships, whether platonic or romantic, are not always easy for the individuals involved. They can appear like rainbows and sunshine one second, and in the next, it seems like the beginning of World War III.

On a personal level, I do not yell, use profanity or say things maliciously, whenever I do not see eye-to-eye with someone.

My parents would often say that I am the quietest of all their children. I believe that character trait blended into other areas of my life.

I also imagine this has something to do with my conversation style today, whenever I become part of a disagreement with my wife and other loved ones.

I am surely not perfect, and I have to say this before the lunatics come out stipulating that I have an ego, based on the information thus far. LoL.

I have faults, but fighting unfairly during a disagreement is not one of them. In other words, hitting someone below the belt to deliver as many low blows as possible, especially when it does not relate to the disagreement.

This brings to mind today’s topic. The topic involves all relationships, but specifically, relationships of the romantic persuasion.

What is your partner’s emotional age? Do you know it? Are you even aware of what I am referring to?

I am a big kid at heart, so I am childish in many ways. I find new methods to make my wife laugh, thus the reason she calls me her son.

However, when it comes time to have a serious conversation, especially when it involves a disagreement, that boy remains tucked deep within. His presence is not suitable at this point.

What am I referring to, when I ask if you know your partner’s emotional age? Your emotional age refers to how you behave, while in the midst of a disagreement with someone.

Your partner could be the age of 65 and yet, whenever there is a disagreement, their reaction and behavior is akin to a toddler or teenager.

On the other hand, you could have an 18-year-old couple where they are able to disagree and fight fairly, as mature individuals twice their age.

Your emotional age during an argument, does not necessarily coincide with your actual age.

Depending on your partner’s emotional age, disagreements in the relationship can complicate the bond you share with one another.

In fact, you may dread discussing anything, because you fear or simply do not want to be bothered, by their emotional age during a disagreement.

Knowing your partner’s emotional age is incredibly important, especially in the beginning stage of your courtship.

This is the time for you to determine if you can envision being with this person long-term. No one can make that decision for you, but you of course.

Can you imagine yourself living with someone, who uses low-blow tactics whenever there is a disagreement?

Bob: Darling. I thought we agreed about this, but there is another charge for $10K on the recent credit card statement. We both agreed to be frugal during the next 12 months. Why did you spend $10K?

Susan: You are no different from your abusive father. Every chance you get, you micromanage my every move. If you don’t want a wife to look beautiful, why don’t you go back and live with that ugly mother of yours? I am sure she will need the company, since she couldn’t make your loser of a father stay with her.

This is clearly an example from my imagination, but not completely far-fetched from reality. In this example, his wife’s emotional age is like a popular girl from high school, who’s unable to accept no as an answer.

Why is it important to know your potential, or existing partner’s emotional age? In my opinion, it helps you determine a few things—two things to be exact.

First, if you are not yet committed, knowing their emotional age can help you determine if taking the next step is the right decision.

Secondly, if you decide to proceed into a relationship with someone, being aware of their emotional age will provide assistance with your approach for eventual disagreements.

Regardless where you are in a relationship, it is a good idea in my opinion, to understand your partner’s emotional age.

Keep in mind, when I mention emotional age, I am solely referring to how people conduct themselves during a disagreement.

However, this is my opinion. I am more interested in reading yours. Looking back now, what were some of the emotional ages of your partners? What would you consider your emotional age?