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For the traits I admire in women, I owe to the promotion of being a lady, all because of my mother.

American society is intent on classifying individuals, very much so, there seems to be new titles and labels added each year.

The labeling of a person or group through categorical means is a method used to define said person or group, by society’s definition of course. For any male with a close relationship to his mother, he becomes a mama’s boy.

However, merely having a close relationship does not provide enough evidence, for such a harmful classification.

Similar to the many lessons of a father, the art of being a gentleman comes through one’s interaction with their mother.

I find it difficult for a gentleman trainee to understand the principles in being a gentleman, when he lacks awareness for the appearance of lady.

The role a mother plays for this young gentleman, comes through her actions as a lady.

Power is like being a lady…if you have to tell people you are, you aren’t. – Margaret Thatcher

So, what exactly is a lady? What does it mean to be a lady? Similar to her male counterpart, a lady is a well-mannered and considerate woman with high standards of proper behavior. Although it is true that a lady is always a woman, not all women are ladies.

If you have to remind someone that you are a lady, they either do not consider you a lady, or you have not represented yourself as one.

Similar to someone with immense power, there is little need for them to constantly express  they possess this power. Instead, you know because of their actions.

A lady has the ability of getting her message across without profanity. As a mother, never and I mean never, should your son consider profanity as a normal part of speech, due to your frequency with such words.

I cannot express how often I have witnessed a mother barraging their toddler with profanity, because of bad behavior, yet question when the child repeats. Your child is a sponge and everything they see and hear, are easily absorbed.

A lady understands her femininity and embraces it like a badge of honor. She does not desire being a man, but at the same time, appreciates and honors gentlemen. She does not consider her womanhood as a deformity or in a negative light.

When you promote your femininity, your son will see this quality as one all women after you must possess. Today, far too many women shun their feminine qualities and embrace a more masculine approach.

A woman can be both classy and classless, but a lady is always classy. A lady does not require nudity or raunchy attire to attract the opposite sex.

A woman on the other hand may have systematic programming, where she feels the only attention is any attention.

You need not be a nun, nor must you take on the beliefs of the Amish community, but the way you decide to dress can represent your definition of class.

The reason young girls feel compelled to dress as classless as possible, in order to appear attractive, is a system we have collectively supported.

Mothers, your sons learn how to treat a lady, by first witnessing the traits of a lady. I ask that you do not fear being a woman, especially in your exchanges with his father.

This is when he learns how a gentleman must interact with a lady. Although his father is important, you are just as significant, in his role towards a gentleman’s lifestyle.

Your sons need you.