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A good man is hard to findMen are dogs; they only want one thingAll of my exes were jerks

That is a rather controversial headline. However, now that my headline has your attention, keep in mind one thing: all ladies are women but not all women are ladies.

In my various encounters with some females, whether direct or indirect, I became aware of a clear theme in their sexual history—these individuals would be horrible Human Resource Managers.

As a disclaimer, I cannot speak for all women on earth. I do not know intimately, nor have I met, every single woman on earth.

The title represents my experience with some women,  whether directly or indirectly. Therefore, this is merely my perspective and is not representative of all women in existence.

In our politically correct society, it is sad that I would need to write such a disclaimer. It should be self explanatory that I am not referring to all women.

Now, back to the topic at hand.

This will be first in a series where every so often, I will address through One Gentleman’s Perspective, women and their inability of taking accountability.

Why is this topic important? On numerous occasions, whenever I hear complaints about ex-boyfriends, ex-husbands and males in general, the blame is entirely on the males. Rarely does she own up to her faults.

Is a good man hard to find? I think not and here is one reason why: women sometimes refuse to see a partner best suited for them, because their attention is subconsciously or willfully fixated on someone who is not.

Can men behave and view attractive women, in a manner akin to dogs? Generally speaking yes, but here is why: if you dangle a treat in front of a dog that has not had their appetite satisfied, what are the chances of this dog refusing the offer? In my opinion, the answer is closer to zero percent.

In other words, if you lather yourself with honey and berries, do not question why there is a sleuth of grizzly bears converging on your campsite. I refuse to believe that all men are dogs, however, if you emit a certain energy, it will attract its counterpart.

Whenever I hear the complaint that all of the previous ex-boyfriends or husbands were jerks, one thing comes to mind:

You picked them all, so what exactly does this say about you?

Are you a poor decision maker, or can you simply be the victim of unscrupulous men that prey on bad decision makers?

Ladies, I am speaking to you, accountability is critical when it comes to your dating decisions. In fact, think of this from an Human Resource point of view.

If an HR Manager interviews and always hires poor performing employees, this HR Manager will not have a career for much longer.

To the company, the buck stops with this HRM. Think of your vagina, your heart, your time and decision-making method on whom to date, as a rigorous interview process.

Not every applicant is worth being hired, let alone a second interview.

Not every male you encounter deserves a spot in your bed, let alone a second date.

If you constantly encounter jerks, losers, lotharios, or any other group of negatively minded suitors—ask yourself, What is it about me that attracts these types of men?

Your vagina must fall in the realm of highly valuable and with things of worth, not all can attain. Your heart is not easily replaceable, so do not treat it as such.

Time is a commodity both priceless and worthless—you determine which side of the coin it falls. Do you believe every male you encounter is worth your time?

I presume that many of the males you encounter, are not worth your time. If that is the case, it does not seem logical to allow people complete access, where they gain things that are most precious to you.

A lady understands cause and effect. That means she is not only aware of her actions, she fully embraces accountability. A woman on the other hand may know causal nexus, but refuses to acknowledge personal responsibility.

It is time to embrace accountability. I once blamed women for my relationship woes. This denial allowed me to refuse accepting my faults in the matter.

However, that was the old me. The new me understands if I project X energy, it will attract X energy…not Y or Z.