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Love is a profoundly tender and passionate affection for another person. Through One Gentleman’s Perspective, love is merely a word with absolutely no meaning, until there is action. To say, I love you a dozen times daily is meaningless, if all week there is never an action depicting this phrase.

This brings to mind February 14 of each year. I acknowledge the promotion of your love for others, but if this celebration diminishes or has no existence on February 13, February 15 or any other day–that’s a tragedy.

If you only feel loved or consider this day the highlight of how you can love someone, you have become part of the reason Valentine’s Day is how many define their relationship.

If Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are the only days my parents feel appreciated, I’ve done a terrible job as their son.

Your loved ones should not wait for a specific day to know you love and appreciate them. Imagine if everyone on the planet had the same abilities as Superman. No one would be super, because in essence, everyone possessed the same qualities.

To see a co-worker flying to the bathroom would trigger no reaction, because not only could I fly, every other person has this same ability.

I view the example of every man being Superman, similar to viewing a sea of red roses in the clutches of men and women alike. The special feature of receiving roses diminishes, when you notice every other person is carrying them.

For a particular day of celebration nationwide, where each person sets dinner reservations, orders expensive jewelry and chocolates, I am sure it brings an appreciative smile.

However, would this not feel more extraordinary on a day where you were perhaps the only person at work receiving a delivery of three dozen roses, expensive necklace and personal chauffeur to a nearby restaurant?

If I were on the receiving end of this act, I would choose the latter every chance possible. For all those with preference to the former, that is quite fine as well, but do not abandon similar actions on days where it is not nationally expected.

I say buy flowers on Monday, simply because it is Monday. If she admires your roasted salmon recipe, why wait for an anniversary for its preparation.

On your birthday, you typically expect everyone to do or say something, but one week later, you do not. Would it not feel amazing two months later, to encounter a similar appreciation as your birthday celebration, on a day with no commemorative purpose?

Do not allow any one day to determine the significance of your relationship, whether platonic or romantic. In today’s society, people seem to receive flowers at a time they will never be able to smell them.

Do not wait for a day to let your loved ones know you love them. Interestingly enough, 54% of Americans will not celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

Valentine’s Day does not define your relationship, your daily actions do.