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Attention starvation occurs for many reasons, but the simplest explanation involves someone lacking attention from their loved ones. Without adequate attention from individuals you deem most significant, you will eventually seek interest elsewhere. 

The means of this attention is irrelevant. In other words, similar to publicity, there is no such thing as bad attention. To this person starving for attention, there is no true distinction between good or bad attention—it is attention nonetheless.

There is nothing wrong in sharing stories with complete strangers; this very blog does just that. Like other bloggers I presume, I do not base my very existence on the opinion of others.

Sharing ideas and pieces of your life with others is not the same, as complete reliance on their attention. In a metaphorical sense, you know when to step away from the buffet table.

Someone who is attention starved always hungers for more, regardless how much they have consumed.

Yesterday, I came across an Instagram post from someone I consider an Instagram friend. He tends to upload inspirational, funny and thought-provoking posts.

On this particular upload, it was a selfie repost from a female Instagram user. This girl is what I would consider the epitome of someone on life support, waiting for an attention transplant.

In the repost, the girl in the photo is wearing a bra and boyshorts with the caption, Bored somebody hmu. For those unaware of hmu, it means hit-me-up (call me/message me).

When you look closely at her bedroom, it is by far the messiest room I have ever viewed. I imagine cleaner landfills and a perhaps even pigsty.

As I looked at the screen capture of his repost, you are able to see the first few comments, with one being posted by my friend…

Bored??? I see a lot around that room that u can do.

I could not help but laugh, because this was my reaction. Strangely enough, the other guys posting on her photo, well, they were busy posting their phone numbers and asking for hers.

They had no issue with the room whatsoever, so I wonder, was it not noticeable? Perhaps they understand the currency for an attention starved girl, is interest from complete strangers.

Everything always relates to self-worth. Without this lesson from parents, you seek worth wherever possible. Moms, dads…do bot let your child become a victim of attention starvation.