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I honestly believe it is not only acceptable, but also a requirement for a gentleman to cheat.

Before you close out the page and make an incorrect assessment on my ideals, hear me out. There is always a method to my madness.

I am a married man. In fact, my wife and I are still newlyweds. I have been cheating on my wife long before our wedding, but it has helped our relationship.

At this point, you probably have one question on your mind. Even a cheating husband must be honest occasionally, but it is quite strange for a husband to advocate his infidelity openly. How do you cheat on your wife, and it somehow help your relationship?

The answer is quite simple really. My wife is my mistress…she is the other woman. Why physically seek out other women, when your wife or girlfriend can become this other woman?

I am sure this sounds confusing. The question then becomes, how does one cheat on their significant other, with their significant other? The answer to that question is straightforward.

Both parties involved in the relationship, become completely different individuals, personas if you will. If taking on the identity of a completely different role is extreme, simply alter certain characteristics.

For instance, while role-playing with your partner, an introvert takes on the characteristics of an extrovert. However, instead of applying only characteristics, I find it more exciting when you become someone else entirely.

When it comes to my wife, we have different names for our characters. In essence, you become anyone you desire–the possibilities are limitless.

Between my wife and me, we sometimes plan this sense of role-playing, but on other occasions, we act on impulse. Why is it so important for me to role-play?

As a student in the art of being a gentleman, your significant other plays a vital role in this lifestyle. A gentleman is one who enhances the well-being of others, even when that involves taking on a role he is not yet familiar.

A gentleman understands relationships fail, when both parties forget their origin. A gentleman is aware of one thing: a man who loses sight of what sparked his relationship, is a man on a collision course with its failure.

Join me next time and become familiar with general examples, on how to cheat on your significant other, with your significant other.

More importantly, I will share my own experience. Cheating is not wrong, if done with the right person. What better person for a husband to cheat with, than the woman he married? The flames of your marriage are only as strong, as the fuel that ignites it.

to be continued.