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The concept of role-playing is not a new phenomenon. More importantly, the act, or in my opinion, the art of role-playing, does not exist only through sexual exploration. In other words, handcuffs, a nurse’s uniform and blindfolds are not the only means for a couple to role-play.

A romantic stroll through the city, takes on an entirely new meaning, depending on one’s perspective.

Why not become a tourist, who is spending their last night in this beautiful city, turning your partner into an eager and excited know-it-all local? You never know, this last night could represent your greatest memory in a soon forgotten city.

Studies show that the number of times Americans dine out weekly will change, depending on the state in question.

According to a survey by Zagat, on a weekly basis, people in places like New York City, Miami and Dallas, eat out on average 4.9 meals. However, in Houston, the weekly average is 5.5.

With that in mind, I sense a foodie date on the horizon. For this scenario, envision yourselves as culinary experts seeking out restaurants, able to satisfy even the most adventurous of palates. During this gourmet soirée, sample several entrees in one establishment, but venture elsewhere for dessert options.

Many couples shy away from lounges and clubs for various reasons. Personally, I do not initiate a lounge or club outing with friends or my wife.

However, this does not mean I am unwilling to attend either…if requested that is. Why not make it a night where two strangers somehow bump into one another?

At one point or another, whether direct or indirect, we have experienced horrible encounters with someone inside a club, bar or lounge.

Perhaps you are dancing to your favorite tune and suddenly, a random guy grabs you from the rear and begins gyrating. Perhaps you thought the triplet of models at the bar, were eyeing you from across the room. In reality, the attention was for the guy a few inches to your left.

These examples only take a bit of imagination. When it comes to your love life, think of your path as a blank canvas, one in which you paint exactly to your liking. This is your legacy–bring out your inner Picasso. Role-playing allows you to set a new spin on some of the things, already familiar to your partner.

As a film enthusiast regardless of genre, I find date nights at home can turn into something fun, interesting and romantic. Imagine yourselves as neighbors settling into an unknown community, completely out of touch with everyone else…except for each another.

Maybe you saw one another shopping at Whole Foods, frequent the same gym or simply saw one another walking about the neighborhood. Regardless how you decide to initiate an introduction, I envision a romantic dinner and a movie.

When it involves the art of role-playing, a gentleman is not afraid to do whatever is necessary, in pleasing his lady. When it involves an imaginary point of view, a lady knows while role-playing, the sky is the limit.

For my wife, I will become an astute British professor, if she fancies a lecture on investing with after-tax dollars. Her imagination becomes my reality and vice-versa.

Sometimes in a relationship, people are able to experience a momentary disconnect, losing sight of their partner. Love is a mere word, which lacks substance without action.

I definitely believe in saying the word to my wife, but I enhance its value through action. One way of maintaining the extent of my love, comes through the concept of viewing my wife daily, as if it were the first time laying eyes on her.

When you apply this belief, your relationship will always remain fresh. Although you went to sleep together Wednesday night, when you awake Thursday morning, it is like seeing her for the first time.

This is not a fabrication created by my thoughts. In fact, my wife mentions I look at her in such a way; it appears like my first time doing so.

To us, role-playing can be a very sexual encounter, but it can also be completely void of sex. In fact, the first time our main characters met, we bumped into one another and decided to watch a movie.

A marriage does not have to experience a sour patch, if you reject the notion of its existence. There are countless measures in place for us to keep the spark going. The moment you decide this spark is something you only ignite at the first sign of trouble…that is when you begin losing sight of the relationship.

The spark does not occur only on Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries or any other occasion. The spark is an everyday practice. The moment she walks through the door, I drop whatever I am doing and embrace my darling.

The moment I walk through the door, she is already rushing to jump into my arms. Yes, we are new to this thing called marriage, but that is not the reason for our energy.

I view life as the shortest and yet longest thing a human being can possess. We never know when our time will expire. While you have the chance, you must hold dear every single moment, building and cherishing connections.

If you have to role-play daily, in order to realize this connection with your partner, go right ahead. If you have to say sorry in spite of your pride, do not hesitate. Do whatever is necessary in maintaining this spark…today, tomorrow and every day after.