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As promised, it is time for One Gentleman’s Truth. Today, we are going to peek inside the thoughts of a guy with an agenda. Please keep in mind, I am speaking through my perspective and not creating a one-size-fits-all belief when I provide a response. 

I am only one guy…I am not God, a god or anything of the sort. I am simply one guy with an opinion, providing a perspective through the eyes of One Gentleman.

Throughout the short period of time I have been alive, I have encountered people with interesting views on relationships. I know guys who enjoy the company of women, but have no expectation of sexual contact.

I know guys who only desire her company for sexual reasons, and I know guys who fall in between. To this last group, if sex happens, it happens…but it comes secondary to whatever relationship they share with women.

However, I will never forget one particular group of guys.

After I have sex with her once, she’s no good to me after that. Once is enough.

Listening to this story as an immature teenager, it actually made me laugh. Why did I laugh? At this point in my life, the number of sexual partners is what my peers equated to one’s status.

Though this concept of having sex once was foreign to me, it still connected to the general point of view that some of my male peers held about sex. However, even at this immature stage, I asked for an explanation. The answer was interesting to say the least.

What exactly can she give me, which I did not receive the first time? I mean, if it was really good, then I may come back for seconds. Overall, I don’t see the point.  Don’t you do the same thing?

Whenever I mention to my wife, female friends or relatives how much I fear having a daughter because of what she will face, 99% ask me why with a very perplexing look. To them, it is easier having a girl, because boys get into more trouble.

If only they witnessed the other side of things, perhaps they would understand why so many guys are protective of their daughters.

The other percentage immediately understands why, because they too say, I prefer having a boy. Now all things being equal, I simply want a healthy baby—that is it. Everything else is irrelevant beyond that. Boy, girl—I just want a child with my beautiful wife.

When I reference fearing what our daughter will face, I am referring to the stories like the one above. I love children. They are the very best part of humanity.  Society has yet corrupted their minds.

The innocence of humanity, which seems stripped from many adults—we can still find this innocence in children.

When I hear the sound of a child’s laughter, I enter cloud nine. While out with my wife and we notice children engaging with their parents, it is difficult to refrain from smiling.

It’s quite sad to see this young girl, and realize that she will eventually become a teenager. As a teen, certain individuals will view her body as the only thing of value, when she instead considers this person her entire world.

I’ll be honest, but alhough this doesn’t represent the entire male population, the idea still makes my heart weak.

That little girl you tuck into bed at night, will eventually graduate from high school and enter a campus. On this campus, there are some guys who play a role and upon accomplishing the objective of this role, she is left in tears.

I am not referring to rape. What I am referring to is your classic bait-and-switch concept, where they tell you exactly what you want to hear.

I am referring to him making you feel as the most beautiful, special and only girl in his world. However, the moment he gets that thing, he hardly knows your name. On the bright side as mentioned above, this is not indicative of all males.

Nonetheless, to get back to his question…

I did not do the same thing. As much as I was one of the boys, pieces of my upbringing was always present. At that time, I did not see each girlfriend as a conquest of sorts, where the journey ended after our first sexual encounter.

Looking back now, I know there are countless girls who thought they were everything in a boy’s eyes, but the walls came crumbling down soon after they had sex.

Looking back now, I want to mentor as many youths as possible. In other words, I want to assist younger versions of me, because I know from experience the significant role of a male mentor.

From experience, negative behavior is easier to follow, because it seems everyone is participating, which makes it appear as the norm.

I observe some of the young boys from the next generation, and with the direction they are heading; I find it terrifying for young girls. I cannot change the world. However, if I can change the perspective of one young boy, the results would be priceless.

Sex is not the problem. However, their ignorance for the consequences of a sexual act is an entirely different story.

These young boys and girls believe sex is purely insertion. In my perspective, they fail to understand the emotional and physical consequences, which eventually follow the act.

Did I agree with the approach of having sex once, and dashing towards the exit? I did not then, and surely do not now. It is all fun and games treating females as a sexual conquest. Well, that is until you have little girls of your own.

When that happens, the error of your ways will soon set in. You then begin to realize that your daughter could be that girl. If that girl was your daughter, do you think she deserves the same treatment as your past conquests?