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From personal observation, it appears the current state of our society is one where we label promiscuous behavior as sexual liberation, and any thought to the contrary is slut-shaming or demonizing sexuality. Through One Gentleman’s Perspective, I beg to differ. Since we normalize promiscuous behavior today, I am aware this post may ruffle some feathers. As adults, we should be able to agree to disagree.

For instance, if person A frowns upon the actions of person B, because person B willingly decided to perform oral sex on 10 different partners in a given day…person A’s inability to smile at this behavior is considered slut-shaming. In fact, if you disagree with the action, expect a barrage of insults.

In short, if you do not give a high-five, condone or positively react to these actions, you are displaying a shaming tactic. Apparently, having an opinion is bad, unless that opinion agrees with the person under the microscope. That is hypocritical.

Is it not a shaming tactic to denounce one’s ability, in having an opinion? Is this not opinion shaming?

I still believe in males behaving like gentlemen and females behaving like ladies. Call me old school, but now that I am married, sex with anyone besides my wife and her multiple characters; it is not okay. If you choose to have five consenting adults in your sessions of body exploration, that is your right.

However, this is not about sex…this is about receiving the treatment of a lady.

Ladies, to receive the treatment of a lady, you must first act like a lady. That is priority number one. You cannot expect the treatment of a lady, when your every action denounces everything a lady stands for.

I am not a professional race car driver, so although I can drive a vehicle, it is a sign of insanity if I desire others to treat me as if I were Jimmie Johnson.

It is your prerogative to reject the lifestyle, or to follow the blueprint of a lady. That is your right, but do not ridicule the women who do, and the men who find them attractive.

What does it mean to act like a lady? A lady is one who holds strong to what makes her a female. She does not see her gender as a sign of weakness, but embraces her femininity. A lady is the equivalent of her male counterpart, which is a gentleman.

If a heterosexual male desires outright masculinity, I assume this guy would date a masculine male. What is my point? I ask that you be a lady and make no apologies for it. As much as many like to believe there are no biological differences between males and females, there are two things called common sense and science that disagree.

A lady believes in self-control. Therefore, spewing profanity akin to a sailor on steroids is not part of the package. Words have power, and a lady should be able to convey a message, without relying on profanity.

Empowerment is giving power or authority, or to enable and permit. In my opinion, true empowerment is having the freedom to indulge and go beyond a limit, but refuses to push the envelope.

Have you ever become so angry with another person, you could just hit them or say the most insulting words, in order to transfer your aggression? However, you do not. Why is this? Even though you are empowered by two arms and words to defend yourself, you utilize self-control and do the opposite.

Any person can strike or insult another individual…it does not take any energy at all. What does take work is using your better judgment. That sense of emotional restraint is an example of empowerment. Any lady who thinks in this manner, is unlikely to allow someone to treat them any less, than how they treat themselves.

Allowing any number of men to enter your body should not empower you, when it does not take any real effort on your behalf, to attain sexual attention from males. If you place an average looking female in a setting with 100 men, someone will find her sexually attractive. That is not something to highlight. Breaking news, heterosexual men like having sex with women and wait for it…sex occurs with women.

You do not receive a prize because a male follows along with biology, where he wants to have sex with you. The point is simple; do not equate random sex with 30 guys in a given week, or the number of men who want to have sex with you as empowering.

You have a vagina or what I like to call, kitty, and he has a penis—it is biology for this heterosexual male to seek you. You can feel empowered, but it is a little silly when you analyze biology.

If you desire the treatment of lady, without having to act like a man, you must first conduct yourself in the manner of a lady. When you begin acting as a lady, each person will hold you to this standard.

People treat Queen Elizabeth as royalty due to her lineage, but also because she carries herself as such. We treat our professors in college as educators, because of how they portray themselves.

This concept is no different for a woman, who desires the treatment of a lady. No one can be a better you…than you.