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Dear trainee,

Before I get to the meat of things, as much as you love drawing now, by the time you enter college, something else will grab your full attention. I know…it sucks, but not really. 

Ever since we were young, we did not desire being at the center of attention. Instead, we found great joy writing poetry, and drawing everything in sight. So I know it sounds weird hearing this information.

Think of these outlets of expression, as fuel to ignite a greater purpose. Wait a minute…fix your face. I cannot see your face, but I know exactly what expression is on it right now. Heck, you write poetry and at 13, I definitely recall understanding wordplay like fuel to ignite.

Remember, I am you and you are me, so I know how you think. Therefore, I knew how you would react to that line, the second I wrote it. More importantly, though you are me, the current me will not think exactly as you do any longer. Maturity is a funny thing.

Anyhow, it has been about six years since our last sketch. To you, I know that feels like a lifetime.

I am not sharing this information to diminish your interest for the arts. That could not be any further from the truth. Honestly, I am only showing you that with time, things change. On that note, I want to share something that I know you need to hear.

You are on the right track. However, we are going to make major mistakes along this journey and one in particular, I regret even now.

You are trying to fit in, and say the things all of your friends are saying about girls. You are trying to follow a pattern, because any guy who refuses, hears at least one of the following:

You haven’t tapped that yet. Is something wrong with your game dude?

Come on dude…don’t tell me you’re a virgin. HaHa. Yo! This guy has never got any p****.

I get it, we did it to fit in. However, deep down a part of you would always question this approach. In a group that highlights popularity by the number of girls that you have sex with; they consider a guy who questions this approach as being lame, or a sucker for love.

You know how both girls and guys alike, end up treating so-called lames. We sure as heck did not want to be on the receiving end of their taunts.

Looking back now, I believe the guy who questions this approach, is simply a young gentleman in training or trainee, if you will. Hold firm to the doubts you have, when it comes to this approach with girls.

It is important that you do. I know that saying this is going against the rules, by providing future information. However, we eventually create a movement of sorts, instilling the lifestyle of a gentleman.

In fact, our goal is to begin with people as young as possible. The earlier the better.

I look back now and while in high school for most boys, I view it like a 12-round boxing match. However, instead of another contender, you are battling against sex. There is no room to lose, and no room for error.

Each time you enter the ring, you must win each round. In every battle, fight or war, someone has to lose. It is a numbers game, so you try to gain as many wins as possible.

You forever chase a number, which is usually unattainable, but to what end? Yeah, sex is great, but as an immature male, you do not yet understand the damage you are doing.

Keep in mind, in a war, battle or fight, there is a winner and of course a loser. So if you win, who loses? In this situation, we view the girl as the loser, because she is giving up more of herself, but that is unimportant at your age. It is all about chasing that number.

Guess what, in a few years, you are going to understand the pain that the loser goes through. Enough so, even one of your closest friends who everyone considers a dirt bag towards women, pulls you aside and scolds you.

Just imagine that, Mike Tyson telling boxers to take it easy on their opponent. There I go again, giving you future information.

You are not a full-time dirt bag; you were just looking to fit in. I know it…heck, even your friends are fully aware. Nevertheless, the girl you encounter several years from now, she will say something you will never forget.

Why do we only hangout when you want to have sex?

We had no idea we were doing this to her, because it was not intentional. Look, I am not condoning what we did, but I see now that we were naive. I am not going to tell you who she is, or exactly when it will happen.

The incident is one amongst many, which will help push us from gentleman trainee to a gentleman. However, I have to say now, her words will echo for a very long time. Slowly, you begin to change how you view women.

You eventually apologize and she accepts, but you can never give back a girl’s virginity. You are not a full-time dirt bag. I know it…heck, even your friends are fully aware.

Sadly, we were irresponsible, immature and did not realize just how important sex means to a girl, especially a virgin.

I know what you are thinking; how in the world were we not aware, that we only made contact with her to have sex. Well, we actually did enjoy spending time with her, and we were friends. You saw sex as simply an added bonus. It was never the only thing, with the connection we shared with her.

It just so happens, we had sex whenever we spent time together. In our eyes, it did not define our connection with her. Instead, sex was one of the many things we shared.

There is a big difference in our eyes, but to her, there were no differences. This right here is an example of a major breakdown in communication. She was genuinely a good person, and sometimes what we consider business as usual, is mistreatment in the eyes of another.

I have to go now, but I have to share one more thing before I do. We both know how much we hate when people reveal information about a show, or movie we have yet to see. Well, although I am an adult now, I am as silly as ever.

On that note, here is a list of soon-to-be canceled television shows that we love: The Parkers, X-Men Evolution, BeastMaster, The X-Files and the Animaniacs. LOL.


A mature version of you