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Politically Correct

When they make a generalized statement that Black men who experience financial success, will abandon Black women and seek out Caucasian women, people nod their heads in agreement. When they refuse the existence of biological differences between males and females, people nod their heads in agreement. When they say video games attribute to violence, people nod their heads in agreement.

Why are these things acceptable, although incredibly inaccurate? They each align with our politically correct environment.

There are several reasons my wife decided to create One Gentleman’s Perspective. Often times, we have conversations that go against the wave of political correctness. She knew in the midst of creating the blog, I would address certain things that are not politically correct.

Babe, being this way will not gain you a huge following.

 However, she also says…

There are people who are not interested in hearing lies and things that make them feel good. They just want a genuine perspective.

I do not believe and neither does she, that my perspective is factual. There will be posts where I will have to use factual evidence, from stats of course. Overall, perspective implies an opinion. It may not be factual, but it will be honest.

What does this all mean?

If my female friend mentions that her previous boyfriends all cheated, the politically correct thing is to throw men under the bus. This may soothe her feelings, but it provides no help going forward.

You see, men do not value good women. Deep down, men like chasing skirts and are never satisfied.

The explanation above makes her feel good inside, like a freshly baked brownie or her favorite flavor of ice cream. It takes her away from reality for the moment, but does nothing in the long haul.

Through One Gentleman’s Perspective, you will not find that here. The truth is not about making you feel good, though it may. The truth is about providing a genuine perspective. It does not mean it is factual, because a perspective is simply an opinion.

If a female friend tells me all of her boyfriends cheated, I am going to provide an honest response, making her alert of signs in the future. I will assist her in making better decisions in her dating selection of men.

Everything we do, and of course things we may not, have consequences. Energy is something that occurs naturally. What you put out, is what you take in. There is something you are subconsciously emitting, that attracts deceitful men.

Take some time and reflect on yourself, because inside this self-reflection, you will find the answer. Eventually, your energy will begin to change. It goes from attracting negativity, to eventually bringing forth positive-minded men.

Political correctness says you do not have to accept accountability. If you think I am kidding, listen closely when hot button issues play out in the media. As a media personality, if you even think of providing a truthful response to anything, you risk sponsorship, your job and reputation.

Through One Gentleman’s Perspective, I do not believe in coddling the feelings of adults, simply to spare their feelings. There is a way to do this of course, without coming across negatively. I am not saying you should approach a complete stranger on the beach and say:

My gosh, you are so fat

My gosh, you are so bloody anorexic

There are cultures where this is completely acceptable by the way. Although you are telling the truth in these two examples, it is not the time or place. It is definitely the opposite of tactful. However, I have a problem with the degree that political correctness is taking over everything.

Sadly, it is adults and not children, whom are leading the charge of this PC-era. Imagine if I were a music artist, prepping his fifth album for a summer release. The company says I can only have one member of my team, present in the studio.

On one hand, they offered a Yes Man from their office. Regardless what track I demo for him; it is always the best thing ever.

Fireeeee. That is hot dude. Where did you get the inspiration? It sounds like Mozart.

On the other hand, I have a childhood friend who tells me exactly what I need to hear, even when I may not like the response.

That’s GARBAGE! The words do not sound right in the second half. I think it goes against the sound you were describing yesterday. Honestly, change it or scrap the song altogether.

If we consider the Yes Man as being PC, and my friend as anti-PC…you can keep the PC garbage. I want my childhood friend. His criticism may bruise my ego for the moment, but he will be helpful and truthful in the long-term.

…to be continued