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When a man falls in love, his other half will feel the progression. Even though men and women convey their emotions differently, a woman sharing her life with a man immensely in love, will know that he is in love. Even when his friends are unaware of his romantic or soft side, she knows.

My wife is everything.


She is the cool gust of wind we feel, during the warmest days of summer. She is the initial feeling you experience, during the introduction of your favorite slow song. You know the feeling…yeah, that feeling. I experience this every single day in her presence.

She is the aroma of your mother’s signature dish, which travels through the kitchen, up or down the staircase, passes the bathroom, races through your entertainment room, travels inside your bedroom, and up your nostrils as you are studying for an exam.

She is the soft sound of the first few raindrops, splashing against your now foggy window, as you are sipping a cup of hot chocolate.

You know the feeling, because you can picture it now. That is the sense of calm I experience, whenever she comes to mind.

She is the embedded image of your favorite scene from a movie, which you can watch over…and over…and over again.

Do you remember the smile shown, during your first encounter with this scene? This is a great representation of my initial reaction, whenever someone says, How’s married life?

She is my everything.

She is the sound of a child releasing its first laughter, which echoes throughout the room. She is the sound of the waves splashing against your feet, while sitting on the beach.

She is the feeling you experience, while staring into the distance on this beach, as the beautiful array of colors spreads across the water.

She is my everything.

Whenever she is sitting on the couch and I turn in her direction, I gasp for air, because she always seems to take my breath away.

To calm my nerves, I softly grab hold of her hands, raise it and then slowly glide it across my face.

During this moment, I feel we are as one. As my eyes connect with hers, she displays a smile of security, because in my presence, she always feels safe.

When a man is in love, she knows.

She is my everything.


She is the feeling of joy that you experience, at the conclusion of overcoming a difficult challenge. She is the gift of celebrating with the love of your life, your 1,000th wedding anniversary.

She is like a jewel whose value only you can appraise, because in your mind, there is nothing rarer or as priceless.

It is like finding shelter in the midst of a terrible storm. It is like witnessing the unveiling of a long forgotten painting, from Rembrandt’s collection.

She is like the smell of spring flowers. She is like uplifting words, on days you are somehow feeling down.

She is like the crackling sound of the fire…she is like the image of its shadow on your wall…she is like the feeling of holding your partner in the winter, sitting by this fireplace.

She is like receiving your favorite possessions, moments before you are trapped on a deserted island, with no escape.

There are mornings I awake hours before it is time to begin the day, and lying next to me is the most stunning, supportive, loving and perfect partner I could ever desire.

How did I end up so blessed? How did she arrive, right at the moment I was going through my transformation?  Why did we not meet a year earlier?

Our paths crossed on the exact day, hour, minute and precise second, because any other time would have ended this beautiful story, which is still in the making.

There is no being currently in existence, which could erase the connection I have with my wife. There are no words, which another woman could say, with the ability of taking my ears away.

There is no flesh enticing enough, which could take my eyes away.  There are no lips sweeter, which could take my mouth away.

If we had a daughter, and she encountered a man with an ounce of love that I have for her mother, I would die a happy man. If we have a son, and he encounters a woman who looks at him as his mother looks at me, he will be in great hands.

She is like the feeling you experience after an abrupt end to a beautiful relationship, to then suddenly making up. She is like sitting on the roof of a barn in the countryside, staring up at the collection of stars.

She is akin to making love to someone you love, and experiencing ecstasy again and again.

I could not find any of these feelings, when I was simply seeking the next fix.

If I were to compare the concept of a thousand hookups, with a thousand different women, to the joy I feel simply by watching my wife brush her hair to the side…those hookups would lose every single time.

From a boy who was once lost, to a young man currently walking the lifestyle of a gentleman, meeting my wife has been my greatest gift. I continue unwrapping layers of my wife, with each day. With each new layer, I am falling deeper in love.

Darling, if you are reading this, and I am sure you are, you are the epitome of my perfection. You helped assist my growth, in ways you could never imagine.

I was incredibly lost before we met, and this goes to show just how valuable maturity means to a young boy, seeking a path towards a gentleman’s lifestyle.

Mahal ko (my love), If you want to understand what being in love is like to a gentleman, it’s just like that. Mahal na mahal kita (I love you very much).

You are the reason I believe a man has not lived, until he discovers a portion of this love. You are the reason a man cannot feel alive, until he discovers a partner worth living for. You…are…my…everything.