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I believe the greatest form of innocence arrives through children. People have a way of turning beautiful things into complete turd sandwiches, and by that, I am referring to how some people have the propensity of simply being innately negative about everything.

However, children are not yet corrupted by the different forces they will eventually encounter. That is a beautiful thing in my eyes.

I understand that raising a child is difficult, and each second in their presence will not always be sunshine and rainbows. With that said, there is something that I find rather refreshing about children.

They have this sense of wonder and appreciation for the simplest things, which we forget along the way as we age.

Whenever I need a little extra something to bring a smile to my face, I turn to YouTube where I search for videos of babies eating lemon or children laughing. I came across a video recently, and I must admit, it has become a favorite of mine.

Some people detest everything about children, and that is their right. However, I have always found this quite interesting, because we do not become adults overnight.

You were once a child, and yet, the very presence of a child rubs you the wrong way. This post may not be for you.

For others, please take a moment to watch the clip—it is only 1.4 minutes long. It involves a father, his son and a rejection letter from an employer.

I hope you enjoy this old clip, as much as I still do.