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I am about 75 percent certain of one thing; this post will create controversy. Some time ago, I created a series that would address certain questions I encounter on social media, regardless how difficult the subject matter.

In this era of you hurt my feelings, therefore, you are a racist or a misogynist; today’s question is as difficult as they come.

However, I will not refrain from addressing hot button issues, simply because the explanation will hurt someone’s feelings.

Well, that is not entirely accurate. There is one topic that my wife does not want me ever to address, especially in my straightforward, and refusal to beat around the bush perspective.

I understand the concern she has, which is why I will not address the topic. After all, she has given me great advice over the years. Nonetheless, everything else is fair game.

But I digress.

I presume the users online asking this question are usually females, but that is simply a calculated assessment on my end. Generally, males do not have these concerns.

Why do boys always fall for the sluts?

That is an interesting question, which I will approach as objectively as possible. If you are reading this, and happen to be one of the individuals posing this question, I hope my answer(s) will satisfy your curiosity.

Instead of seeing this purely on a sexual level, remove the notion and assess the question by reasonable deduction. How do we typically associate women on a sexual level, concerning the category of slut?

You imagine someone where engaging in sexual activity comes far easier, when you compare this individual with other females. It is not about the way that she dresses, her decision to appear sexually liberated, etc.

Through reasonable deduction, you imagine the challenge of a male engaging with this individual sexually, as minimal at best. In fact, you may imagine the extent of having sex as completely absent of difficulty.

In short, the ability of someone having sex with this person is easy. Therefore, your question is better suited as…

Why do boys prefer to spend their time with someone, whom appears sexually easy?

You can apply the concept to anything really. Why do some people prefer one-minute rice, as oppose to cooking on the stove for 20+ minutes?

Why do people prefer watching movies at home, as opposed to buying a movie ticket online, traveling to a theater and watching in the presence of strangers?

Why do people prefer get-rich-quick tutorials, as opposed to grinding from the ground up, and creating a legacy through hard work? It all comes down to what is more convenient or easy.

Generally speaking, if the objective were of a sexual nature, regardless if the male in question is 13 or 50-years-old, the path of least resistance would appear ideal.

Imagine that someone presented you with two job offers. In one, you can generate $100K on an annual basis, simply by posting selfies with the hashtag #ILoveCaligraphy.

In the second, you can earn $100K annually, by working six days per week and 13 hours per day, as a logging worker. Which would you choose realistically?

The average person would choose a career of taking selfies.

Would you ridicule them for making this decision, or would you understand the objective of earning a specific dollar amount annually, with less stress and less work accidents, makes sense for someone desiring a path of least resistance to $100K?

Think of sex in the same manner. If he knows that having sex or any other sexual act with person-X, is far easier than with person-Y, and the objective is purely of a sexual nature, person-Y is unlikely to win this battle.

I am sure this affects younger age females, than a more mature crowd of women. Therefore, I understand the frustration.

As an older brother of sorts, I believe you should not see this as a problem. In fact, here is a little secret that most guys are aware…they seek these girls because there is no challenge. However, when it comes time to settle down, girl-X is unlikely to win that battle.

I am not ridiculing any women, possessing a liberal perspective on her sexual appetite. That is your business.

As a consenting adult, you can have sex with whomever and with how many partners as you see fit.

I simply want to point out an observation. Males will seek out the least challenging partner on a sexual level, when his desire is for a quick fix.

However, when seeking out a quick fix is no longer an objective, his perspective changes. He then becomes interested in the types of females conducting themselves differently, to what he considers a quick fix.

This explanation is something that a number of people may not like, but I believe in expressing an unfiltered answer, even if it is a difficult pill to swallow.

Do not fall victim to changing yourself, simply to appease to these guys seeking out a quick fix.

In the short-term, they may overlook you, in order to attain what appears easier. However, in the end, you will become what they all desire and when that happens; you will be in full control.

Think of it this way, you can earn a lot of money in a short period by selling narcotics. However, the cons are able to outweigh the pros for the larger population of people.

Therefore, the quick fix of earning money loses its value, which means the larger population will choose different or much lower paying careers, due to them wanting more than a quick dollar.

Why do guys fall for sluts? Well, if we are interpreting your usage of slut to refer specifically through the definition of sex, he falls for her because his pursuit to having sex is far easier to achieve, than with someone like you.

However, this is what I think. I want to know what you think. Why do you think guys fall for sluts?