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We define a gift as something given voluntarily, without payment in return. We can bestow such a thing to honor someone’s birthday, to commemorate a holiday or simply just because.

Sometimes, a gift is not merely a thing. Sometimes a gift comes in the form of a person. As a parent, you experience this gift upon the birth of your child.

Several years ago, a gift entered my life, and I am not sure what I did in order to receive such a blessing.

I am not entirely sure what deeds I committed, to have such a gift bestowed upon my life, precisely at the moment in time.

Usually, the presentation of a gift is within a carefully wrapped packaging. After removing said packaging, we tend to discard the wrapping and fixate our attention on whatever remains inside.

However, I awake each morning and unwrap a new layer. With each layer, I am presented another reason to appreciate my gift. Each layer represents a new reason to love; therefore, I refuse to discard the wrapping.

The wrapping represents yesterday’s reason as to why I loved the gift, so the wrapping remains because I never want to forget.

With this gift, no day is an ordinary day. With this gift, each glance in its direction is extraordinary. With this gift, each day is special day, regardless of the current date on the calendar.

It seems as if two angels kissed, on the day I fell in love with my gift. On each morning as I turn to remove a layer of my gift, the whispers of their love softly echo in my ears.

This gift is the beat to my heart, because through this gift, I experience the best, which life has to offer. This gift is a gem; it is the reason I am discovering new ways to convey appreciation.

This morning, afternoon or evening, as you read this message darling, you are the gift that will forever trump anything I could discover through any man-made measures.

With each layer I remove, I love you greater than I did the day before. With each layer I remove, I appreciate you with a grander sense of appreciation, than I did the day before.

With each layer I remove, I hold firm to the old one. It provides a daily reminder, as to how much I am in love with you mahal ko. I do not require a national holiday, or event to realize the special nature of each day.

Each day with you is a special day, because it provides another reason to fall in love with my gift. I am your husband and you are my wife—this union is a gift that I will always cherish.