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Scenario number one

A guy walks into a bar and orders a glass of Bacardi. He takes a seat, and begins watching the opening game of the MLB season. Five minutes later, someone enters and immediately begins yelling at him. He politely tells them to back off, as everyone silently looks on. However, the verbal barrage continues.

Suddenly, the verbal barrage turns physical. As he continues to drink from his glass, he feels a left hook to the back of his head. The drink falls from his hand and shatters on the floor. He turns in their direction, as a straight punch connects with his nose. “What the heck is your problem?” he yells.

He falls off the barstool, as a hand forcibly pushes him backwards. Though slightly dazed, he looks up as spit splatters against his face. “You stupid bastard,” he calmly says, while wiping off his face. Are you finished? Are you done? Why did you hit me?” he asked.

He looks around as people sitting nearby laugh, completely amused by the spectacle. He sits upright and begins to dust himself off, as the assailant exits the bar.

Scenario number two

A woman walks into a popular convenience store, in order to purchase lottery tickets.  As she reaches into her purse, a loud slap echoes throughout the store. She drops her purse and clutches her face, completely unaware of the reason behind the attack.

Are you out of your bloody mind?” she asked. Without hesitation, a second slap lands on the opposite cheek. As a punch is about to land directly into her stomach, three onlookers intervene and begin restraining the assailant. They tussle on the ground because it is clear the assailant is highly upset, and restraining someone with such rage is not as easy as it appears.

As she stands inches away from the assailant restrained on the floor, she collapses, but a customer quickly catches her from hitting the floor.

Let go of me,” the assailant says softly. “GET OFF OF ME,” they scream. The three men hold on tighter, as the owner dials 9-1-1.

Before uploading this post, I asked my wife to express her point of view. I was curious to find out if she would be able to determine the sexes involved in scenario one, and of course scenario two. “Scenario one is a woman assaulting a man, and scenario two is a man assaulting a woman,” she said.

Before I continue, domestic abuse/assault—I do not condone any of it. Men, women, boys, girls…I do not think any of them should hit one another. I will repeat again: men, women, boy and girl, they should keep their hands, legs, teeth, head and anything else that can bring harm to another person, to themselves.

People need to understand how to control their emotions, where they use words to convey their thoughts, as opposed to physical retaliation. However, in our society, this is not the case. We have a written rule that, “A man should never put his hands on a woman.”

You see, this makes absolutely no sense to me. Not one bit. This is an emotional response. I am not Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking or any of the number of geniuses; however, I like to interpret things from a logical point of view—as best as possible that is.

Instead of this biased saying, I think it would make more sense to say, “Men, women, boys and girls, should never put their hands on another individual.” Why do we not promote this? I am a gentleman through and through, so any person who thinks I am condoning violence against women by men, I will be honest—you are an idiot.

I know that sounds harsh, but you have to understand, we live in such a politically correct world today, telling the truth will have you losing your job, your freedom, and receive irrational labels that do not apply. The PC nation likes to twist and alter what a person actually says, in order to find fault in their wording. So, if you think I condone violence against women, you are an idiot.

If a guy cheats on his girlfriend, and she slaps the taste of last week’s dinner out of his mouth, people will not question it. In fact, generally, they will laugh, cheer her on and say he deserved it.

Let us reverse this for one second. If a woman cheats on her boyfriend, and he slaps the taste of last week’s dinner out of her mouth, he will go to jail. In fact, people would step in and attack him, call the cops and say a woman never deserves physical violence.

I have to say this one more time—I do not condone violence against women. More importantly, I do not promote violence against anyone, all because you had an irrational slip with self-control.

You cannot say it is okay for one group to act without accountability, and then vilify another group if they were to do a similar action. This is not equality. I owe this dynamic to our amazing politically correct culture. In scenario one, as much as I can chalk it up as fiction, you can find a similar scene in a movie or television show.

Heck, you possibly experienced this same behavior in public. In fact, you can search YouTube for similar social experiments. When a woman assaults a man, people watch, laugh and go about their day. It is obvious that he deserved it.

In scenario two, a man assaults a woman and people intervene. It is obvious that she did not deserve it. How does this make sense? Why are we teaching young boys their actions have consequences? However, we tell young girls they can do as they please and not accept accountability, but if someone does call it out, you shame them for doing so.

If we have a boy or girl, they will both hear the same thing when it comes to violence between males and females…do not put your hands on anyone, simply because you have a lapse in self-control. If we did more of this, and less of this PC nonsense, we could embed the concept of real equality into the next generation.

Since we refuse, one group will strive for superiority and mask it under the umbrella of equality. Trust me, people like my wife, countless others and me, we see what you are doing and it is not equality.

Women, do not assault men. Men, do not assault women. If you do, you both should receive the same reaction and punishment.