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There is a common post by women on Instagram saying, “It’s difficult being a good woman, in a world filled with bad b***hes.” I do not know who told women this lie, but through One Gentleman’s Perspective, it sure as heck is a clear fabrication.

Before I proceed, all those aware of me understand that I refrain from using profanity. The decision to refrain from profanity is simply a personal choice.

I am not the profanity police. If you choose to curse akin to a sailor, that is your right. If you refuse to use any profanity, that is also your right. Because of this, you will notice a number of asterisks throughout the post.

It is time to get to the meat of things.

I want to let you in on a little secret … I married a great woman. Men tend to marry great women. Do you know the type of women they usually refrain from marrying? Bad b***hes. Yup. Men tend to refrain from marrying so-called bad b***hes.

There is no competition. Honestly, I am tired and confused by these memes highlighting that good women are having a tough time in the dating arena because of bad b***hes.

I am not what they would call captain-save-a-hoe. I just cannot stand by and allow any woman to think bad b***hes are a competition.

I created a post on my Instagram account, and the post highlights why women should stop using these memes, as a means to define why they are losing out in the dating world. Since my post was well received, I will now expand on what I could not say there.

Men have and will always love sex. Breaking news, men enjoy sex. Say the word sex right now to a guy, and watch his eyes light up. Lol. I am sure it is common knowledge that men love sex. However, women enjoy sex as much as men do.

In fact, depending on whether she is a nymphomaniac, she desires sex even more. With that said, whichever woman provides the least resistance to having sex will generally becomes a man’s focus for the night.

As a disclaimer, when I reference that men will seek the path of least resistance to have sex, I am not talking about rapists. I have to point out this disclaimer. I have seen folks make the wildest accusations by completely misinterpreting a YouTube video, verbal comment or blog post.

I will not allow anyone to say I am highlighting or condoning rape. Therefore, please forgive the constant disclaimers you may notice throughout One Gentleman’s Perspective.

But I digress.

When a guy receives access to a woman’s body, easier than with other women through consent, this is obviously the path of least resistance to having sex.

If his goal is to have sex, he will pursue someone who makes achieving the objective, well, easier. You can disagree until the cows come home, but this is the reality. If you ask the average male, he will agree here. I know enough males to understand this is a consensus.

Here are two scenarios to drive the point home.

Scenario A

A CEO offers you a position earning $250K in his company without reviewing your resume. He allows you to work from home, offers six weeks’ vacation and a signing bonus of $25K. Whatever time you decide to physically arrive to work, that is entirely up to you. Basically, you are free to do as you please.

Scenario B

A CEO offers you a position earning $250K in her company, after she scrutinized your resume for three hours. The interview occurs over three consecutive days. You must report to work at 7AM, and cannot leave before 9PM. You will receive six weeks of vacation time, but must keep your cell phone and laptop present 24/7.

Which of these scenarios will lead to a path of least resistance, when it involves earning an income of $250K annually? Be honest now. For a logically minded person, scenario-A appears quite easy.

You are getting everything for doing minimal work. Well, this is how men think of so-called bad b***hes. We are aware that sex comes quickly and without much work on our end.

However, as a woman who is more selective with your body, the attention that bad b***hes receive, should NEVER appear as competition. Her attention is short-lived because guys pursue her with one focus in mind.

On the other hand, guys pursue you with a long-term plan in play. You are the woman he feels ecstatic bringing home to meet mom and dad. With her, mom and dad will never know her name.

She is akin to McDonald’s. You go here for a quick bite to eat. On the other hand, you are Kitcho, which is one of the most expensive restaurants in the world.  You go for the experience—not for a quick bite to eat.

There is a major difference between a fast food joint and fine dining. Think of yourself as fine dining. Am I ridiculing or supposedly shaming promiscuous women?

If that is what you gathered from this post, read five more times. I could not care less if you had sex with 5,000 men in your lifetime. Not-at-all.

This post is to show women that you should not place yourself at a disadvantage to so-called bad b***hes. I do not consider myself at a disadvantage to thugs or anything of the sort.

Those guys are akin to ill-fitted suits. I am a bespoke 3pc suit, designed exclusively by Tom Ford. There is no competition.

Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life. I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well.—Theodore Roosevelt

Personally, I think you are worth the wait and worth the pursuit. I believe in the process of understanding who you are as a person. Earning an advanced degree is usually hard work.

We do not applaud people for dropping out of school in the 3rd grade. Think of bad b***hes this way, the next time you consider the attention they receive as competition in any way.

…to be continued