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Is sexual promiscuity right or is it wrong? I could not care less how many partners you have each day, week or during your lifetime.

Your issue is not that you personally care, how men are able to have multiple partners and receive praise.

Instead, you subconsciously do not understand why men hear man-whore or slut and not care, whereas when the word applies to your actions, it hurts your feelings.

It all comes back to how it makes you feel. The word is not the issue, it is the feeling that you receive due to the negative connotation of the word.

Your feelings are in the spotlight, but you try to mask it under the umbrella of sexual inequality. Generally, if a man is known as a dog due to his actions towards women, he accepts the label because his actions represent the definition.

Generally speaking, if a woman is known to have multiple casual encounters sexually, she will not accept the label of easy or promiscuous.

If she did, she will not spend an ounce of time, asking for the removal of words, which defines her actions. You see, this is all about feelings.

In my short years, I actually encountered women who say:

Yes! I am a slut and proud.

For the women who fully embrace the word(s) applied to their actions, they do not care what you think about their behavior.

You will never find them campaigning online or offline, to remove the word or take back ownership. They know what their actions define, and are completely okay with their behavior.

With these women, I applaud them for accepting complete responsibility, versus hiding behind the politically correct shield, which removes accountability.

However, for the women who engage in casual sex, and find fault in the word(s) describing their actions, the first thing they say is:

 I should be able to have sex with all the men in the world, without you stopping/judging me.

You see, this is about how the word makes them feel—that is it. It makes little sense that they want people to refrain from using words, which define their actions.

Right, wrong…that is not the topic of discussion. The topic involves people using words to define one’s actions. If I know my male friend has sex with two random girls each day, by definition, he is promiscuous.

If I know my female friend has sex with two random guys each day, by definition, she is promiscuous. However, out of my two friends, the likelihood is that she will be the only one upset with the label.

Once again, this all comes back to how the word makes a person feel.

With that said, I have to speak the truth regarding the idea that, I should be able to sleep around if I want, and it applies to both men and women.

No one is stopping you from performing fellatio on the entire football team.

No one is stopping you from walking into a bar, and having sex with each guy for drinks.

No one is stopping you from having sex with each girl in your psychology class.

No one is stopping you from having sex with different women from the club.

No One

No one is stopping you, from having as many sexual encounters as you desire. I am begging you to stop saying, I should be able to have sex with as many women/men as I want, as if there is any law limiting your random sexual trysts for the night.

You are free to engage with as many casual sexual partners as you choose.  However, with this action, there is a term that applies.

You say:

I should be able to have sex with as many women/men as I want.

However, what you really want to say is:

 I should be able to have sex with as many women/men as I want, without the application of the words man-whore, slut, or easy. These words hurt my feelings, even though I say they do not.

You are the kind of person who wants to rob a bank, without being called a thief. You want to murder your neighbor, without being called a murderer.

You want to consume meat, and yet have others consider you a vegan. You see, this makes no sense.

I am not saying it is right or wrong to sleep around; I just want you to make sense. LOL. You cannot commit an act, and then ask that people remove the words, which define said act.

If you are walking, I will not say that you are driving, just because the word walking hurts your feelings.

If you physically abuse your wife, you are an abusive male. I am not going to call you a nice guy, because the term abusive male, makes you feel bad.

You see, words describe actions and with actions, we use words as a description. This is how language works. I know, I know…the PC-nation has made the logical appear illogical, and the illogical to appear logical.

However, I have a way to help gauge the differences with a few examples.

If you smoke cigarettes, you are a smoker. If you want me to consider you a nonsmoker, you are illogical.

If you have sex every single day, you are sexually active. If you want me to consider you a virgin, you are illogical.

If you workout professionally and you call yourself a bodybuilder, you are logical.

If you operate on the cardiovascular system professionally, and call yourself a cardiac surgeon, you are logical.

I am not the smartest man in the world, but even with my average intelligence, actions have meaning. Men, women…please, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck—it is a duck.

It is not an empowered duck, liberated duck or a duck looking to take back ownership of the word duck. It is simply a duck.

This is not about the shortness of your skirt, trying to police your ability to enjoy having sex, or stipulating that you must remain a virgin until marriage or else.

This is not even a post addressing your worth as an individual. None of these things are relevant for this particular post.

To be frank, you are too concerned with other people’s opinion, when you should focus on having as many sexual parts as you desire. That is a right you currently have. Your issue is not with the question, in and of itself.

Your issue is your innate fixation on what other people think about you.  I believe this happens to be the real issue, but it is much easier for you to cry foul against supposed shaming language.

If you have 20 partners this week or 50 over the next month, that is your business and right. However, just like we often say there is an app for that, to simplify our lives via the smart phone…well, there is a word for that, to define your actions.

How you react to the word is entirely on you, and not the word or speaker.