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It has been quite some time since we were able to have a look at One Gentleman’s Truth. The goal was to have a post uploaded on a Wednesday, addressing questions asked online or offline, where I then provide a non-politically correct response. 

However, with the arrival of more personal messages, I privately sent response emails. I decided not to use those particular emails under this page.

However, we have a question today that I hear often, especially in this politically correct environment.

Why are guys able to have sex with a number of women, and receive praise, yet when women have sex with a number of guys, she is a slut? I should be able to have sex with as many guys as I want, without anyone stopping me.

This is such an interesting topic; I have to provide my response in a few parts, because I could write 5K words without skipping a beat. I hear this question often and usually from women, and the most recent occurrence did occur from a woman.

Why do we culturally give the high five to one, whereas we frown upon the other? Well, there is a reason for it, but it is not rooted in sexism, and you may not like it.

Accepting the reason, means you must embrace the reality that differences exist between males and females—and we know the PC-nation cannot have that.

I know this will always remain a hot button issue, and from the recent discussions regarding the topic, this post will come across as sexist, misogynisticslut-shaming, etc.

To that, I will simply say reality is what you will find on this page. The fantasy-land that you call reality, well, it is a few inches to the right, several more upwards and right by the X, to exit out of this page.

Do I think men have more value than women do? That is absurd, and goes against what I consider decent behavior of gentlemen.

Are women purely sex toys for the pleasure of men? That is also absurd, because I surely do not consider my wife, female friends and relatives, as toys for men to play with.

That is what the politically correct environment wants you to believe, which reinforces your misunderstanding to the question in the title.

Through One Gentleman’s Perspective, I will provide from my point of view, along with the consensus of males I have encountered, the reason behind this double standard.

Hopefully, I will explain why you as a woman, should not cry foul. You can cry foul of course, but your disdain is misplaced.

With all things that I consider culturally complicated, I begin by disassembling into a basic understanding.

1Imagine you were at home and extremely hungry for a particular brand of cookies. You hit pause on the television, walk to the pantry and retrieve this specific brand of cookies.

On a scale from 1-10, how difficult was it to attain these cookies in the first scenario? Realistically, perhaps two, because you had to walk away from one of your favorite shows, during an important scene.

2Imagine that you were at home, and extremely hungry for a particular brand of cookies. You hit pause on the television, walk to the pantry and search until it seems you are burglarizing your own home. After searching your entire kitchen, you realize you have no more cookies.

However, this desire is not one that will go away. You know the only store with this particular brand is a 30-minute drive from your location. You grab your car keys, exit your home, enter your car and drive to the store. 

On a scale from 1-10, how difficult was it to attain these cookies in scenario two? In your mind, for something you are craving for, you will do anything to attain it.

However, for the sake of argument, it is perhaps a seven. The drive is a total of one hour, which means you have to leave your home and put off watching your show for another hour.

If you explain these two scenarios to a friend, which scenario would realistically cause them to react? Which scenario would truthfully cause your friend to say, Wow…that is what you call dedication?

You see, I am a rational thinking individual. I do not have the intelligence of Kim Ung-yong; a physicist whose IQ is 210. I would lose the challenge of wits, if I were to battle Chris Langan, a bouncer, whose IQ is listed as 190.

With that said, I think the problem with most arguments, is that we address the situation purely on emotion, and not by sitting back and simply observing rationally.

When I hear people address this topic, it is purely on their emotion, based entirely on this idea that differences are not present between males and females.

Now, emotions are very important. However, if you only apply your feelings on discussions, it can impede you from seeing the issue at hand.