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Why do men receive praise, yet women do not, if they both have a large number of sexual partners?  I am not here to say whether one is right or wrong.

This post is not to tell you how to conduct yourself sexually, whether male or female. I am here to explain the why behind this double standard.

For this post, I want you to equate sex with the cookie analogy above.

A fairly attractive woman is an exact representation of the first scenario. Retrieving cookies from your pantry does not take much effort, similar to how it is not much of a challenge for you to have sex with a man.

You see, from the moment you are born, the opposite sex will ALWAYS do things to appease to you. It begins with your dad. He does it because you are his baby girl. As a father, whatever he has to do to please his baby girl, he will.

It then branches off into potential suitors. They do what is necessary, to be in your good favor. Some do it purely to have sex with you, and others do it to have a long-term relationship. If you think this is not how life is, you are sadly mistaken.

All things being equal, women literally control if heterosexual men, have sex or not. If women went on a sexual strike today, men would lose their minds. Sex cannot occur, until you give him permission.

The reason you do not receive accolades or praise for having sex with a number of men, is purely due to the level of control you have in whether sex occurs or not.

To remove this position, where you have sex with various men, people as a whole, will never consider this as something to praise.

There is no challenge in someone receiving these cookies. You may not like it and you can be upset until you turn blue, but it will not change the reality.

You see, from the moment boys are born, they see that men must appease to the opposite sex to gain XYZ. What is that saying again…happy wife happy life? We know from a very young age, a boy must do XYZ, in order to gain the attention of a girl.

This is not right or wrong, it simply is. In fact, this is part of being a gentleman. If we have a son, he will also learn the etiquette of courting women. If we have a daughter, she will learn the etiquette of how suitors must court her.

All things being equal, a man does not control the dynamics of sex, when it comes to heterosexual relationships. We are making this very clear, with the consent language making headlines presently.

If men went on a sexual strike today, heterosexual women would laugh. Lol. If we collectively decided to maintain abstinence until marriage, sex still will not occur without the woman’s approval.

Do you know the only way sex occurs without a woman’s permission? Rape is the only way, but right now, we are not going to address the minority.

Men, in the majority, understand sex cannot occur without her consent. The power of the P is very real. If you have a healthy sex life and you remove it for one month, a guy will have difficulty breathing. Lol.

The reason he receives accolades for having sex with a number of women, is purely due to him doing something that we consider challenging.

When people hear that a guy had casual sex with five women in two days, he is a man-whore/slut/womanizer. However, above all else, people understand the dynamics that goes into a man gaining her attention…especially a sexual one.

You see, he has to put in work to gain your cookies. On the other hand, people desire your cookies from the moment you are born, and will do anything to get them. In this example, there is no work on your end.

There is no challenge in you retrieving a particular snack from the pantry. This is a normal act. However, people would react positively, if I expressed specifically flying from London to Dubai, to acquire snacks I no longer have in my pantry.

You do not have to agree in the differences between males and females. You do not even have to agree with my analogy, in the difficulty of retrieving cookies.

However, through rational thinking and basic understanding, you should be fully aware that we react differently, after accomplishing an easy task and a difficult one.

I am not saying one is right, and I am not saying the other is wrong. I am only providing my opinion on why the double standard is present.

It is simply not the same, just as a crocodile hunting its prey, is not the same as me ordering takeout from a local restaurant. The concept of us both eating is the same, but the degree of difficulty is vastly different.

Do people really have a problem with words, or does the problem begin with their desire to do what they want, without having words with negative connotations, applied to their actions? Join me next time to find out.

…to be continued.