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After my first brush with the topic of infidelity, which ended up being my most shared blog post, I noticed a shift in the search terms. Since the creation of this blog, certain questions and terms would lead viewers to my side of the blogosphere. After that blog post, I noticed a rise in traffic involving gentleman and cheating

As a gentleman, there are things that I am not proud of from my past but each error assisted in forming the person that I am today. As a gentleman, though I may not experience something firsthand such as infidelity, when you acquire lessons along the way from others, it is your responsibility to share this information.

By now, you should be aware that I know of great men, which any woman would be proud to date. However, I also know of guys with the ability to make you lock up your daughters, throw away the keys and have her home schooled until she turns 30. In other words, I know guys all along the spectrum of dating.

With this in mind, women online as well as women I engage with offline have a question about cheating that will continue to trouble them. Critical thinking says that if a man has an amazingly beautiful wife or girlfriend, he is set. There is no way, he could ever cheat on such a physically stunning individual. However, critical thinking will not work effectively when the situation involves pure emotion.

I am referring to the kind of woman, whose face makes angels cry. I am referring to the kind of woman who makes older men say, Young man, I hope you married that woman.

I am referring to a woman who makes you forget your name, when she is standing in front of the bathroom mirror and preparing for work in yoga pants. I am referring to the kind of woman …okay, I am talking about my wife. LoL.

Okay, in all seriousness, the question does relate to everything I just mentioned.

Why do men cheat on beautiful women, with less attractive women?

As a disclaimer, I cannot speak for all men, and this post will not be indicative of how all women feel.

Most of the women I encounter do not condone his cheating with any woman. On the other hand, some do. However, when either group of women discover that the other woman is far less attractive, it is enough to send them into a rage. The idea of a man cheating can cause a woman to go postal.

The idea of him cheating with a far less attractive women, well, that makes her want to go full nuclear. This eats away at her confidence to a different degree, because the question then becomes …

What did this ugly animal do that I could not?

I will be honest, there are times when I see the other woman that I scratch my hear in confusion, especially when it involves celebrity males. Even with me understanding the why, I still scratch my head. The men have stunning wives or girlfriends, therefore, you would imagine the other woman having a similar stunning glow. However, that is not the case.

If you are going to jeopardize the trust in your relationship, at the very least, you should make it count. By no means am I suggesting to cheat. I am also not trivializing the gravity of this topic.

A cheater is going to cheat regardless, thus the label cheater. However, if you are going to destroy this trust, the other woman had better look comparable to Dawn Jaro, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Lucy Liu, Tika Sumpter, Belinda Kiriakou or Helen Mirren when she was my age. This is quite a diverse group, but you get the point.

She will not condone or accept his infidelity, just because a woman is extremely attractive. However, the extra sting is absent, which I often hear from women regarding this topic of attractiveness, or lack thereof.