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The age-old question involving why men and women cheat will never go away. I am rather sure there are a thousand reasons, as to why psychologists believe males and females cheat on one another. Some reasons overlap and others may not. I will leave my perspective on that topic for another day. Instead, through One Gentleman’s Perspective, I will address one area specifically.

Women often wonder why their boyfriends and/or husbands are able to cheat, and yet, are able to return to them and say, I love you. They often wonder if a man loves a woman and wants to remain with her, why he would find himself in the arms of other women.

As a blogger, I am learning how to communicate online better, so as usual, I have to set a disclaimer. It is far too easy for one’s online message to experience a thorough analysis, undergoing scrutiny because of interpretation …

That is wrong because …


That did not happen to me, so ...

When you read a post from One Gentleman, the perspective is merely an opinion and usually based entirely on experience.

I cannot speak for all men because I am only one guy and in 2011, the estimated male population was about 3.4 billion.

I cannot speak for all gentlemen as well because I am not the authority on the lifestyle of a gentleman. I am only a member of this club—not the owner or originator.

With that said, in my experience, when a man cheats on you and has no qualms coming back as if nothing happened, it does not mean he necessarily loves you still, nor does it mean he may no longer love you.

I know this sounds weird. However, consider the number of times something you did brought harm to people you hardly care for.

Now, compare that total to the number of times you caused harm to people, whom you actually do care for. I cannot say for a fact of course, however, I am sure during your lifetime, your actions will hurt the people you love most.

Is this in any way condoning, justifying or saying you should instantly forgive a man who betrays your trust, just because as humans, we will always hurt the people we love?

Am I saying you must accept that men will simply cheat? On the contrary, it is the complete opposite. I am trying to have you remove from your mind while posing the question, the word love.

I am not saying you should overlook if he truly loves you or not. However, for this particular situation, try to refrain from only viewing their love or lack thereof, as the factor determining his faithfulness.

If you base the question solely on love, think back to all of the wrongs committed upon loved ones, by you of course.

Since you made these wrongs, does it mean you did not or do not love your family and friends? More than likely, no is the answer to this question.