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Young Black men undergo appalling acts throughout the day, proving that racism is everywhere, and occurring at all times. Racism occurs all day, every day and from everyone, against those within the Black population.

You cannot understand if you are not Black. In fact, I will go as far and say young Black men experience racism at rates throughout the day, which exceeds all other groups on the planet.

At times, when I express this level of innate and apparent racism from others, my wife fails to understand. It is clear that she cannot understand. For one, she is a female. Females cannot have any say on things that negatively influence males.

Secondly, she is not Black and unless you are Black, you cannot have any opinion whatsoever on racism.

I cringe whenever I hear someone addressing the topic of racism, and the person in question is not Black. The bloody nerve of non-Black people talking about racism—it grinds my gears.

Racism is a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities, and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race against another race.

If you look at the definition, it clearly states that racism primarily affects Black people. Yet, my wife still does not understand why racism is such an important topic for this group.

I decided to document all instances of racism throughout my day, in order to prove to her the extent of what Black people encounter on a daily basis, primarily young Black males.

They usually say the way you dress as a young Black man, creates the negative stereotypes that others impose. I can understand that, so this does not relate to me. As long as I do not dress like a hoodlum, people will not negatively stereotype. Right?

I will prove that your attire is unimportant, by making sure I conduct the research as I am heading out to see my clients.

In other words, the idea is that a tailored suit should diminish the negative stereotypes, which one usually creates from hoodlum attire. I will pair it with my most complimented shoes, socks, pocket square, etc.

If you are upset by the information presented already, you are most certainly a racist. From this understanding, you are going to be immensely upset by the time you conclude this post.

Nonetheless, I want to thank you for taking the time to see how horrible racism can be, for young Black males such as me.

The idea is that with each moment of racism, I will do a timestamp in my phone and write down what transpired. After concluding my meetings, I will then submit the information to my wife.

I left the house with my briefcase in hand at 08:15a.m., and walked to the subway. Three minutes after exiting my home, the first incident took place.

08:18a.m.: A Caucasian female walking to the school bus with her children, smiled as I walked by. Her son pointed at my side and said, he has a nice bag mommy.

You cannot walk the street as a young Black man, without someone pointing at you like a caged monkey in the zoo. I hate racist people—young, old, it does not matter. I did not acquire a tailored suit, for you to stare at me.

If I were Caucasian, would she have smiled at me? No! If I were Asian, would her son feel the need to compliment my briefcase? I think not. Each second in their presence, I felt incredibly stereotyped.

After rushing by to get away from their judgmental and stereotypical eyes, I made it to the train. I took my seat and opened my briefcase to review my notes. As soon as I closed my briefcase, I had this feeling that someone was watching me.

08:29a.m.: Staring from across my seat was a Caucasian couple. The woman looked, smiled and said to her partner, I would love to see you in a suit like that for Tommy’s wedding. Ask him where he got it.

To an untrained eye, you would imagine she was simply complimenting the suit, but she was really wondering if I stole it. You know, all Black people are thieves. It does not matter what she said, I know what she was thinking.

Not all Black people steal, but to these racists, I am a thief. I wonder if they think I just stole this briefcase from someone, and was simply rummaging through their documents.

I grabbed my things and walked into the other train cart. My ancestors did not protest and die, all for me to remain seated across from someone to hurt my feelings openly.

08:34a.m.: As soon as I walked through the train doors, a Filipino guy said, nice suit bro.

Nice suit bro? What does he mean bro? I am not his brother. Do all Black people speak with slang? Why not say nice suit dude, or that is a really nice suit?

I understand he may listen to a lot of Hip-Hop and assume we all speak like rappers, but it is racist to think we all speak this way. I have not left the house for an hour, and already there were three moments of racism.

I decided to walk by and just find my seat. I sat down, put on my headphones and closed my eyes. I am used to this treatment, but I am just not in the mood for it today.

I want to remain focused for my meetings, and this was affecting my train of thought. Thirty minutes later, I arrived to my stop.

I exited the train and left my protein powder at home, so I decided to walk to The Vitamin Shoppe to purchase a container of protein powder and shake mixture cup, to leave in my office. As I entered the store and could not locate my favorite brand, one of the employees approached me.

09:13a.m.: Is there something I can help you locate?

Here we go again. Every…single…time, someone Black enters a store; an employee has to follow them throughout the store. Can a young Black man not shop in peace, without someone always thinking we are going to steal something?

I simply looked at him, and walked to the other side of the store. I finally found my favorite brand and went to register.