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09:15a.m.: Did you find everything you were looking for?

Wow! Twice in one store, my wife would not believe this before today, but she will now. I could never understand this question.

Did you find everything you were looking for? No, of course I did not find everything. I just walked to the register, just so that I can go back and search for more items to put into my bag.

I am getting sick of the stereotype that Black people love to steal. Are employees this helpful to non-Black customers?

I stared at him blankly, paid, and exited the store shaking my head. I walked into one of my office locations, put down my things and had my first client meeting.

The clients were an older Caucasian couple, preparing for their retirement.

They were interested in shifting some of their retirement savings, in order to create a lifetime stream of income—in other words, their own pension. I welcomed them into the office and that is where the barrage of comments started.

10:25a.m.: Wow, you are even much younger than I thought son, the husband said. Did you ever imagine this would be your profession? In fact, which college did you attend? I know this is about you helping us, but I would love to know more about you, he said. His wife then made eye contact with me and smiled.

This happens everywhere I go. Caucasian women specifically, have this Black Mandingo Warrior fantasy, which originated during slavery. They all want to understand what it feels like, to have sex with a Black man. The way she smiled at me was utterly terrifying.

I felt objectified in ways my wife could not relate to or understand. Her husband had no idea his wife was visually raping me, but I see this everywhere.

I cannot walk the street without a Caucasian female raping me with her eyes. I am sick of it. As for the husband’s comments of apparent racism—sigh. Son? What does he mean by son? I am not his child. How dare he speak to me in such an insulting way?

He knows my name, why is he associating me with such terms as son. Why is he asking about my career aspirations as a child? Does he think all Black children aspire to be rappers, and professional athletes? I did envision this as my profession, but it was none of his business.

This meeting is not about my history. I am not here to explain why some Black youths, reject different careers outside of music and sports. Here goes the college question again. Is everyone shocked when Black people refuse to dropout of elementary school, but instead go on to college?

I find each racist individual, more annoying than the last. I am sure she does not look at her Caucasian Pilates instructor this way, and I know he refuses to ask his Caucasian dentist these questions.

I looked at them, and the horrors of my ancestor’s past came rushing in. I froze, because I did not understand what to say.

I felt trapped, humiliated, objectified, belittled, and just wanted the meeting to end. After the meeting finally concluded, I asked my assistant to reschedule all of my meetings for another day. I just could not take it any longer. I needed some fresh air, so I had to step out for a bit.

12:15p.m.: A Middle Eastern woman, walking towards my direction clutched her shoulder bag to the side, as the shoulder strap suddenly came loose.

To the untrained eye, she is simply supporting the bag because the straps came loose. However, when you understand racism as a young Black man, you know the infamous clutch of the purse/bag, is simply a defense mechanism while in our presence.

They believe this is the only way to protect their bags, from us stealing them. If I were not Black, would she still clutch her bag for support?

I simply shook my head in dismay.

12:18p.m.: A Caucasian officer stops me, and inquires if I am familiar with the area. Today is my first day on duty in this area, so I have no idea what is good to eat around here. I am really looking for a place where they serve anything, but chicken preferably.

Hmm…you see a Black guy and of course, he has to know a great chicken eatery. Racist cops are the worst. I hate this stereotype. Yeah, I love chicken, but it is not because I am Black. Every single person assumes Black people love fried chicken, watermelons and cornbread.

Heck, even my mother-in-law visits different restaurant locations, and surprises me with their different preparations on roasted chicken. It sickens me.

Would the cop ask someone who is not Black, a question about chicken restaurants? If I were non-Black, would my mother-in-law buy chicken for me?

I decided to ignore him. I step aside away and enter the bank to retrieve some cash, and encounter a Middle Eastern bank attendant.

12:26p.m.: How may we help you?

Are you bloody serious? I am not here to rob the bank. I just want to use the ATM. My gosh, this is insane. Do non-Black customers receive this racist interrogation? I am sure they do not.

After only a few hours, I encountered at least ten instances of racism. I decided this was enough evidence to prove to my wife, that Black men experience racism every day, all the time and from everyone.

I created this post with one goal in mind—satire. To be clear, this entire post is satire. I used examples I see often with people, when it involves topics they are discussing.

For instance, they will say unless you are a female, you cannot comprehend what it is like being harassed. If you are not Black, you cannot understand what stereotype feels like. I applied their logic, all throughout this post.

Satire is the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

I do not believe racism occurs at all times and from everyone, against Black people. Why not? Well, when the topic involves a serious discussion, I like to assess things critically—not with my feelings.

I wanted to point out the importance of word usage, and understanding definitions by using exaggeration. I chose to use the most ridiculous instances of behavior, which someone with a paranoid train of thought, would then evolve into much more.

Does racism occur? I am not blind to the reality of the issue, because racism does occur. However, should I consider all acts from people as racism? To a paranoid individual, yes, everything and anything is an act of racism.

If I want to find something, my mind will allow me to discover it. I cannot stress enough the importance of words.

Within this post, you will find what I consider silly examples, of what someone will classify as racism. However, when you pick apart the meaning of racism, you cannot use critical thinking to define the acts within this post as racism. However, if you apply your feelings, you most certainly can.

When we place examples such as the ones within this post, under the classification of racism, people will have a difficult time separating the nonsense from real acts of racism. When someone blends drivel with real issues, it minimizes those instances where a real issue is taking place.

The shooting of a young man is not automatically an act of racism, because the shooter is Caucasian, whereas the young man is Black.

Can it be an act of racism? Of course, it can be an act of racism. It is possible. However, jumping the gun is irrational. You are simply using your feelings to justify an answer.

My point is simple—be careful with your choice of words. They have a meaning for a reason. Your feelings are important, but critical thinking holds more value during a discussion, which requires critical thinking. Thank you for taking the time to read this extremely long post.

However, this is my opinion. I want to know what you think. Are words important, or should definitions simply change to suit one’s feelings? Do you notice people blurring the lines, and blending non-issues with real issues?