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Inspiration is something that occurs at anytime, anyplace and from anything. On Instagram recently, I saw a photo of a female user, and this post simply developed itself. Then again, there are countless photos like hers online. In other words, this one photo is not in the minority. The photo represents countless accounts throughout social media.

As a disclaimer, this is not a post about passing judgment. Each user is free to do whatever on his or her Instagram account.

Instead, this is simply an observation of sorts, as an outsider looking in, addressing an issue that has widespread consequences.

Honestly, it is like soft-core porn. I have to repeat again, because interpretation is an interesting thing on social media, but I am not passing judgment.

When I observe these photos, I must call a spade a spade. I will explore later in this post, what guys with my old way of thinking will consider, when they come across these images. 

For the time being, keep this girl in the back of your mind. With that said, this post is going to be brutally honest, so it may not be for the faint of heart.

Although I refrain from cursing, and I believe in spreading positive energy, I also promote the unfiltered truth when it involves relationships.

I feel we are so afraid of the truth today, we speak ill against those speaking the truth, and find ways to misconstrue their words.

If you are in dire need of sugarcoated responses on different topics, there are several other blogs for that. On One Gentleman’s Perspective, I refuse to sugarcoat.

I cannot speak for all good men and I cannot speak for all men who treat women poorly.

However, the males I encounter will classify women into two categories. This classification will be helpful for a number of women, especially online, in understanding some of the issues faced while dating.

To be honest, as a male, I would classify men into two categories as well. We have men worthy of your time, and men completely undeserving of your time.

This assessment is not biased—it is simply the reality. Since I am equal opportunist for discussions, the same rule must apply with women.

With that said, please remove the emotions for a bit and take a ride with me, because it may be a bumpy one. Nonetheless, the classification is simple—in one group you have what guys will consider marriage material.

What each man considers marriage material may differ, but the general concepts are similar.

A woman he views as more than a sexual release.

A woman he goes the extra mile to please, and the motive not involve an exchange of sexual favors

A woman he does not hide from his loved ones

A woman he does not feel embarrassed appearing in public with

A woman he compliments, and the compliments are not only of a physical nature

When men and the topic of women + sex enter the equation, we are quick to undermine the discussion by saying such things as:

Men feel entitled to a woman’s body

Men consider women as pieces of meat

Men cannot consider you anything, which you do not consider on your own. In other words, I could not consider my wife as easy, during the process of our courtship.

My wife did not emit this energy, so my perception would not create easy out of thin air. Instead, her energy signified the aura of a lady. Therefore, it was an innate reaction to treat her as such.

Once again, please remove the emotional reaction and the words many use to end discussions, which involves males and their preferences. The words I hear often include sexism and misogyny.

I consider such words as discussion-enders, when used inappropriately. People simply throw the words around, and instantly, it brings an end to the discussion.

If you want to understand men, you have to be willing to hear the unfiltered reality about men and dating, how they think about certain women, etc.

When you read magazines made specifically for women, providing half-truths about dating—it is unlikely that a reader will learn valuable lessons.

I may not know everything, but I promise you this…half-truths about dating will never help you, whether male or female.

With marriage material out-of-the-way, we now encounter women, which men do not consider marriage material.

What each man considers appropriate here will differ, but similar to marriage material, there are common themes you  eventually notice.

Whenever he compliments her, he only addresses her physical features (derrière, breasts, etc.)

If he goes the extra mile, which is rare, he expects sexual favors in return

He limits his appearances with you in public

His loved ones are unaware of her significance in his life, if they ever hear about her at all

Her only purpose is of a sexual nature

Whenever I address topics like this, some have a difficult time accepting the perspective.

For some reason, they like to believe I am exaggerating, fabricating, narrow-minded, etc. I can only share with people what I consider the truth, based on unfiltered dialogue with other men.

When you allow a person to speak freely about a topic, it is interesting what you can learn about their genuine feelings on said issue.