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To the women who take dating truths lightly, you are free to live in a fairy tale for as long as you please. However, if we have a daughter, we will equip her with the reality of dating.

With this information, she can either live in The Matrix or choose the red pill. That decision is entirely up to her.

Do you remember the girl from the introduction, which I asked to keep in the back of your mind until later? Well, that time is now. She is the epitome of what men, in a general sense, will not consider marriage material.

As a disclaimer, you can post any photo you choose online. It can be a photo solely consisting of your breasts, a photo of your derrière, your kitty, etc.

I do not care one way or the other—I am married and no longer seeking a partner.

I have to state this disclaimer because someone will read this post, and say that I am advocating on what women should wear, slut shaming, etc.

These are emotional replies, which have little to do with the actual post. No one can stop you from uploading photos online. I am only describing how the general male viewer, will interpret one photograph from another.

Nonetheless, in her photograph, you are unable to see her face, because the goal is for you to focus on her derrière. The only thing visible in the picture was her back, and derrière in a pair of underwear. You can glance through the comments attached to the photo and notice a common theme.

Comment after comment, you will see the things I mentioned in the list above, involving how some men treat women they do not consider marriage material. 

Interestingly, she loves this attention, because it increases her number of followers and likes. Yet, when you read her caption, she will post something along the lines of…

Why can’t I find a guy who wants me for me?

LoL. If you want a guy who wants you for you, and not just your kitty, posting photos of your derrière is not helping your cause.

With the energy she is emitting through the photo, she will never attract an ideal partner. Instead, it will only attract unsuitable partners. You know, the types of guys without any sense of self, respect or etiquette.

You should not display yourself in one manner, yet request others to see you any differently, from the energy you are giving off.

Whenever I listen to some women describe their woes with males in the dating arena, I become aware which of the two roles she falls under, based entirely on her wording.

I am not an expert on dating, but there is a common theme with how a man or woman treats you, which pinpoints how they view you as an individual.

When I reference marriage material, it is not a literal sense of marriage. Marriage material is a phrase that signifies that he views you as something special.

When you are marriage material, he is willing to do anything and everything, to prove his admiration for you—not just because of your kitty.

Before I decided to venture onto the path leading to a gentleman’s lifestyle, I was immature.

Things changed for me of course, but I still observe a number of women placing themselves into positions, which leads them right into the arms of males they cry foul against.

I continue observing a number of women repeating the same mistakes, one guy after the other, and I wonder if their personal lives are absent of male relatives, or male companions.

I write these posts to be a companion of sorts. I cannot tell you what to do, and I am not an expert.

I provide information that can help you make different decisions, if you so choose. However, keep in mind, actions speak louder than words. What you do, will outweigh what you say.

There are countless platforms for dating advice, so wherever you gain information, please, make sure they remove the sugarcoated sprinkles.

The truth may hurt in the beginning, but in the long-term, it will benefit you going forward.

This is my perspective…I would love to hear yours. Do you notice these photos on social media as well?

Why do you think some women have a desire for this kind of attention, yet proclaim they want a guy who desires them for more than the physical? Do you believe the energy you emit, will attract a similar energy?