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I am young, but I can still recall women with large derrières, being the butt of every joke. When female African slaves arrived on foreign soil, their larger derrières caused quite a stir. In fact, their physique deemed the title of overly sexual, as an appropriate classification. In other words, why would they have such large derrières, if not because of their promiscuous nature?

In the video below, you will see what can happen in the midst of your derrière addiction, through the explanation of a physician.

As a disclaimer, you will encounter the booty in this video, which you can tell by the still image. In parts of the video, the creator will go where this addictive trend is rampant, which not surprisingly is a strip club. The following segments are strip club-free, 1:43-9:50 and 12:13-14:50. However, I feel that the video is necessary.

Societal norms in foreign lands, made shapelier derrières appear as something to frown upon. Over time, outside of certain racial groups, this negative assessment remained. However, within certain groups, large derrières were something to praise.

For instance, within the Black population, males generally crave it and female’s desire having it. Up until Jennifer Lopez experienced popularity in Hollywood, popular magazines and of course Hollywood, had a great disdain for large derrières.

Well, things changed several years after Kim Kardashian became popular. She caused quite a frenzy in popular culture. Suddenly, large derrières were now a trend. I find this incredibly strange.

The booty is now on the nightly news, in non-urban magazines, etc. Music artists with no interest on the topic previously, are now writing songs about derrières.

The thing certain groups once ridiculed, eventually evolved into their latest fascination. The hypocrisy is rather funny, but an explanation regarding that hypocrisy is for another day. Today, I will simply provide my perspective on this topic of attaining the perfect booty artificially.

I find it quite sad witnessing this current addictive wave of buttock augmentation, which is sweeping across the globe.

I understand the conditioning for a number of women, what they believe will attract a suitable partner and the thirst some have for widespread attention.

When I reference thirst in this manner, I am not referring to the feeling of needing something to drink.

Instead, it is the slang interpretation. It refers to someone who is desperate for something, and in this example, it is attention.

Nonetheless, if you need to acquire enhancements from a medical professional, by way of butt fillers, injections, and implants…you need to reassess the type of males you find attractive, and the attention you crave.

The moment you enter the dating arena, where you align your worth solely to the size of your derrière, you will never win this competition—EVER. Since you often reference wanting a good guy, I implore you to hear one out for a moment.

Your butt alone will NEVER keep a man—EVER. You will gain a ton of guys desiring to enter your body, but none will actually want you for you.

This recent fascination of getting a large derrière, by any means necessary is destructive. Some will do anything, in order to enhance their derrière through surgery.

The individual, for argument sake could be as dumb as a rock, living in poverty, but on top of the world in her mind, all because she has a large artificial butt.

When you view profiles on social media, they will highlight one body part. For this individual, her worth rests solely in her derrière and with attention, her worth increases.

This topic is near and dear to me, because a part of the reason this utterly ridiculous trend is becoming so popular, relates to popular public figures with self-esteem issues.

When you understand the influence of popular public figures, you also understand that young girls are looking up to these individuals, as role models of sorts.

Role models are usually the people children tend to emulate.

Low self-esteem is an important topic, because of its ability to appear like a virus.

One second, you hate the way your lip arches and then the next, you despise the size of your breasts and soon, you notice flaws in the way that you sneeze.

It spreads viciously because it is akin to an internal web, connecting your negative thoughts, which then exits through your eyes.

In other words, you have a negative feeling inside whispering repeatedly…

Your stomach protrudes far too outward in that gown. You look ugly. Take it off.

Each time you glance downward at your abdomen, from that point onward, you will always hear this voice.

The insecurity is visual, since you are able to see your abdomen, but it also occurs emotionally, due to the negative thoughts associated with your abdominal region.

Through your eyes and thoughts, it seems you are experiencing a double-teaming of sorts, by your own body. It is like a tennis match, with the mind and eyes forever serving one another. Regardless which of the two wins, you lose.

Low self-esteem occurs when you believe there are faults with parts of you, or all of you. This type of conditioning does not develop overnight…it is a lifelong journey

There is an important question to ask, and strangely enough, growing up in a culture that praises large derrières, I actually have the answer. However, before we get to the answer, we must first ask the right questions.

 How did we get here?

What would compel females to seek a larger derrière, by any means necessary?