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Through biology, the shape and movements of females are sexual in nature, which are able to entice heterosexual males.

There are things about females, which are able to trigger sexual arousal in males: their hair, the shape and color of the lips, the way that she walks and most definitely the derrière. This is basic human biology.

I am going to use the following sentences, to address a particular group of females, whom experience this derrière conditioning. I hope that I can assist in their reconditioning.

As a person, you are valuable because of everything that makes you, you. You are not your eyes, you are not your lips, you are not the size of your breasts, and you are most certainly not the size of your derrière.

However, when people live in The Matrix long enough, it becomes their reality. I need you to take the red pill right now.

Reconditioning over–

Right now, I am going to express a major generalization, but bear with me for a bit.

Depending on the racial group and culture, when it comes to females, each culture will highlight certain traits and features.

Within the Black population, the derrière is highlighted. I am so confident about this claim; I am going to say something without hesitation…

Not one person alive can prove me wrong on this assessment.

We place the derrière on such a high pedestal; it causes many Black females to consider a large derrière as the most important thing to possess. They internalize this from a young age, which then manifests into adulthood.

This is a tragedy, because one topic we refuse to acknowledge within the Black population is the over-sexualization of young girls. However, that is for another discussion.

When your environment, mass media and other negative influences shape your self-worth, you turn to what others will classify as important.

Through One Gentleman’s Perspective, this is what triggers an addiction for some females, when it comes to enhancing parts of the body, which others highlight as significant.

Is this issue a Black thing? That is silly; I only used the opinion above merely as an example, because of my familiarity with this traditional conditioning.

The enhanced derrière trend occurs across various racial and ethnic groups, and across all economic levels.

Keep in mind, the derrière is a muscle, and like any other muscle, you can develop this muscle through proper strength training and healthy eating. But not in our society…everyone wants the quick fix.

When you imagine recipients of this elective surgery, you may imagine someone with absolutely no curvature to the derrière.

On the contrary, that is not the case in all instances. The before and after pictures and videos, will sometimes depict someone with your average shape.

I was a participant in this arena while younger, because a large derrière was like winning the lottery.

Everything else about the girl could be toxic; horrible personality, etc. However, it all disappears the moment she turns around, and you get a view of her derrière.

I am not here to dictate how an individual should spend their income. I am not even here to say that surgeries associated with certain insecurities, are necessarily a bad thing. Instead, I want you to understand this current trend, through my perspective.

The problem that I have includes people praising something, which they did not attain naturally. You desire implants and things of the sort—go right ahead.

However, your hypocrisy is leaking through the incision. You cannot poke fun of females with cheek implants, when you have fillers in your buns.

It is quite silly to ridicule females with breasts implants, when you received your black market derrière implants, with an unknown fluid from Home Depot.

Why are you on Instagram throwing insults at another female, due to her recent breasts implants, when it is rather clear that you have derrière implants?


With so many popular celebrities and Instagram models growing derrières overnight, yet proclaiming they had it all along, I feel bad for single guys.

With so many females buying enhanced body parts from a doctor’s office, we have more bionic females online, than natural ones.

It is quite hilarious when they are adamant in admitting to the authenticity, even when there is photo evidence of the derrière having a life of its own. LoL. In the words of philosopher Shawn Carter…

“We don’t believe you, you need more people.”

This is my perspective on the current trend, but I would love to read yours. What do you think of this latest craze, when the norm once involved ridiculing larger derrières? Is the trend a destructive one?

…to be continued