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When we think of rape, males cannot present any other opinion on the topic besides…

Women are incapable of lying


Never question a claim of rape, because that is victim blaming.

On social media, the idea of a male leading the discussion is blasphemous, as if females own the patent on rape.

However, anything worth discussing is something we should all discuss whether male, female, heterosexual, homosexual, religious, etc.

For some time now, I had a desire to approach this topic, but was unsure how it would fit into my perspective. I believe I now have a way.

Young boys need guidance. That should go without saying. They need adult guidance in their understanding on what is right, and what is wrong. A gentleman learns his way, by first understanding who he is. Without this, they are lost.

Today, I am witnessing a disgusting culture arising, which tells young boys their very existence is an abomination and everything they do is wrong.

If you like playing with trucks as opposed to Barbie dolls, you are wrong and expressing toxic masculinity.

If a girl in class wears excessively tight pants and your eyes look in her direction, you are wrong because of your objectification and expressing toxic masculinity.

If you are both under the influence of alcohol and engage in what you logically conclude is consensual sex, you are an obvious rapist. Remember, a woman cannot consent under the influence.

Surprisingly, though the male is also under the influence, his mental state is irrelevant because all rapists are aware of their actions.

This brings us to today’s topic of males either wrongly convicted because of false allegations, or wrongly imprisoned and released decades later via DNA testing.

I presume this topic will rub some people the wrong way, but it would not be a hot button issue if it did not.

With that said, if there is anything that you disagree with and would like to voice your opinion, please read Part 1 and Part 2, which addresses the topic of disagreeing.

It should be self-evident, but I know I must present the obvious. Rape is a vicious crime—when it actually happens. I am not referring to the new definitions some like to add through their indoctrination.

A man is not a rapist because he asked you out for coffee

A man is not a rapist because he looks in your direction.

A man is not a rapist because you specifically gave consent, but a day or weeks later, changed your mind about your consent.

These are all real examples of what some are classifying as rape, which are spreading around like wildfire amongst this generation of young minds.

Remember, the new generation usually learns from the previous and if these messages are becoming the norm, I fear for them.

I know we only focus on the pain that rape victims go through, and addressing their pain is A-Okay in my book. To have someone infringe upon your body; something you have a right to…it is deplorable.

However, I do have a question for those redefining rape to mean anything and everything.

Do you even care what happens to males falsely accused? I have two reasons as to why you do not.

By your logic, women are incapable of lying. I can already sense a loss of future income, by me believing this statement is completely erroneous. Secondly, you fail to speak up whenever evidence proves a false accusation is well, false.

You campaign behind the accuser firmly; all the while, a man has his name dragged through the mud. However, when evidence reveals that she fabricated the entire situation, you disappear faster than a thief does in the night.

First up is a case that many will not have familiarity. However,  this case speaks to me. It could happen to me, your son, husband, brother, best friend, etc. All it takes is a mere accusation.

His name is Brian Banks.

As a standout high school student and athlete, the future was bright for this rising star. With a verbal agreement to attend USC on a football scholarship, his bright future somehow became bleak.

Wanetta Gibson, a fellow student, said that he dragged her into a stairway at Polytechnic High School and raped her. In a flash, Banks found himself inside in a jail cell and charged with two counts of forcible rape and kidnapping.

He was kicked off the football team, expelled and that path to USC…yeah, that was no longer happening. His mother paid for his lawyer fees by selling her house and car.

DNA samples from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Office came back negative, but he was unable to make the bail of $1 million, so he waited behind bars for a year. Yes, he sat behind bars for a year…let that sink in.

Due to his size, age and race, his lawyer let him know that the chances of a fair trial were slim. That is awesome (sarcasm).

After all this time, I thought the justice system believed in innocent until proven guilty, and not young, Black and therefore not worthy of a fair trial.

You’re a big black teenager and they’re automatically 
going to assume you are guilty and you’ll be facing 
41 years to life. 
What do you want to do? 
This is the offer–good for now and not later. 
It’s your decision and not your mom’s.

This is not about race. I must admit though, the message from his lawyers speak volumes about this supposed innocent until proven guilty.