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I tend to write my sappier thoughts on Instagram, where I leave the blog as a place to share my thoughts on topics that require a truthful perspective, through my lens of course. One of the themes that resonates with viewers on my Instagram is the love I have for my wife, along with the concept I share regarding maturity and love.

I know my message comes across straightforward on the blog, but any other way in my opinion, provides little assistance in attaining the truth—through my perspective of course.

It is not my truth that makes it valid, but I do believe my refusal to sugarcoat is important. Whether it comes from Beth, Tommy or me, the truth is what matters—not the messenger.

With that said, I thought it would be a good idea to share remnants of my more playful or sentimental side on the blog. That side of me is what the female viewers appreciate, when it involves my perspective on Instagram.

A man should love his significant other with everything he has. I have no qualms writing about this kind of love for my wife.

None of it is a façade…

Because she is…


My everything

You should see how we act whenever we are together at home. We are like children. Regardless who arrives home first, we usually drop everything and she runs into my arms.

I then carry her as she straddles her legs around my waist, where I slowly begin to spin around with control.

She screams out in joy as I speed up, and suddenly begins laughing uncontrollably. I eventually stop when it seems she cannot take anymore. This is where it becomes even more interesting.

When I put her down, she topples backwards and I stumble as well, but we always seem to catch one another before the other falls. The room is spinning and yet, we are just laughing like children. We then grab one another, and embrace until we regain balance.

Interestingly, she calls me her son because according to her, I act like a child. Well, there is a reason I act like such a child. I often say something along the lines of…

Darling, I am simply giving you practice before we have a child. Think of it this way, by the time they arrive, you will become accustomed to everything they dish out.

Besides, it is going to get a thousand times worse when we have a child, because we are going to commit so many pranks on you—it will drive you mad.

Therefore, I behave like a child, not because of me. I do it all to help you prepare. I also know it will keep you young, as long as I maintain your laughter.

She cannot help but smile.

Sometimes when I explain my perspective on relationships, some often believe it occurs through an air of arrogance and others say it is naiveté.

It is truly amazing how the brain works. It allows you to see whatever you desire, completely blocking out what you should observe.

I could write a 10-page essay explaining why I love my marriage, and someone would read the essay to conclude that I dislike Chinese cuisine and Marxism.

The mind believes whatever it perceives.

At the core of my explanation on relationships was a lost individual, inexperienced in what it means to be mature. At the core of my explanation on relationships, was a guy playing tug-of-war with his standards, and maintaining the standards of his peers.

At the core of my explanation on relationships, was a guy who did and said things, which I know females are experiencing today.

At the core of my explanation on relationships, I observed the woes of my female friends and acquaintances, expressing some of the same issues I hear today from others.

The old me may not represent my character today. However, the old me has taught the new me valuable lessons, which I believe are necessary to explore through the new perspective.

If I acquired valuable lessons along the way, why would I not share with others? Sharing my perspective does not make me right, nor does it make me wrong. The perspective was simply a view that others found insightful, because of the truthful angle.

Everyone has a voice, and each story has validity. I believe each story is worth telling, and because of that, I will continue to share my perspective.

As beautifully constructed as the Ferrari LaFerrari is, a great percentage of the world population will never own, or see the automobile in person. For one, there is a limited quantity (499) and the cost averages £1 million ($1.57 million).

As much as people love Japanese cuisine, the average individual could not afford a dinner at Masa, which is about $450 (£286) per person not including tips, drinks or taxes.

As much as women love handbags, only a select few could purchase the Zagliani Tomodachi Bowling Bag, which retails for $23,000.

What is the point of these three examples? These items are not for everyone. My perspective is no different. For me to write as if it is, well, that is a fool’s errand.

You cannot please everyone. Heck, Apple Inc. has a valuation of $702 billion, after its share price increased on 11/25/14.

The valuation simply refers to the worth of a particular company, and this amount reached by Apple is the largest in history.

Even with the widespread reach of Apple, a number of consumers hate everything about Apple’s products and corporate culture. If Apple cannot please everyone, it is incredibly illogical for me to think One Gentleman’s Perspective will.

The journey before encountering my wife was a long process, filled with many hiccups along the way.

However, those hiccups assisted in developing my appreciation and gratitude, for simple things like twirling my wife around, until she is laughing uncontrollably and holding on for dear life.

My message is not for everyone. However, for everyone who continues to enjoy viewing topics through my perspective, I want to thank you for lending me your time. I do not take it for granted, because your time is valuable in my opinion.

I am truly grateful for others taking a moment each day, and traveling along through One Gentleman’s Perspective. It is truly a pleasure.

Thank you.