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As a blogger, my blog has an objective, as do most others. The focus is to highlight my perspective, on what it means to be a gentleman. However, there are times I will approach certain topics within popular culture, due to the number of brain cells I lose after becoming aware of the subjects’ existence.

I usually have blog posts created days, weeks and sometimes up to months in advance, but this was something I created on the fly, after coming across recent information.

Quite often actually, while reading or listening to a particular story, my wife will rub my back where she then says, It’s okay mahal ko…it’s okay babe.

In other words, she is jokingly consoling me, because she knows how much I believe that the lunatics are taking over the asylum.

They may appear sane on the surface, but it is logically improbable that a rational minded human being could think in such a way.

My wife gets me…she gets me so well, because at times when we read or listen to something together, we simultaneously say something along the lines of…

Are they serious?
Wait, they are joking, right?

You have to ask these questions, because you immediately conclude that the information is satirical. Sadly, it is not.

In this post, I will address yet another topic known as mansplaining. I am naive to a number of things, but browsing the Internet in the past year, has made me aware of the lunacy of many users online.

You can venture to certain corners of the Internet where the indoctrination is so strong, you would think all males across the globe were raping females five times each weekday, and 10 times on weekends.

You would think all males within the population wakes up, reads from the holy scriptures of Manism, consumes a cereal comprised of testosterone, checks their cages filled with female slaves and retrieve their privilege badges, before exiting their living quarters to spread the gospel of misogyny.

This is where you find such things like mansplaining.

When people refuse to acknowledge sound judgment, logic and simple methods of deducing a rational explanation based on evidence, we must always question the programming they are trying to spread.

What is mansplaining?

Though this is a new concept, if we go by past instances of words created by online provocateurs, mansplaining will simply evolve into meaning whatever its user feels during a given moment.

Nonetheless, I searched and the best definition so far is a behavior that occurs on a sidewalk, refusing to yield to a fellow pedestrian, such that a collision inevitably ensues.

In other words, it is the sidewalk M.O. of men who remain apparently oblivious to the personal space of those around them. It is (usually) done by men, (usually) at the expense of women. It is (usually) done unconsciously.

In our neighborhood, some of the drivers are quite rude to be honest. Everyone always seems to be in a rush, because after all, each person is a Prime Minister. Well, that is how they behave. Their time is so valuable on the road; everyone else must yield in their presence.

Walking is no different. In fact, whenever my wife and I are out strolling, we often discuss the decline of human decency.

In my mind, due to the upbringing of my family, we give way to others in public, especially if they are holding bags, walking with a small child, a couple holding hands side-by-side, etc.

In short, you do not own the public space…it belongs to everyone, therefore, step aside a bit to allow others to also share said public space.

It is a natural reaction for me. Whether you are young, old, male, female or an animal…if I can step aside to give you space, I will.

However, when you are absent of this thing called human decency and manners, you do not think in this manner.

With this person, whether male or female, when they are walking in your direction, they refuse to step aside. Some will even bump into you and continue onward, or pass it off as if you are at fault

I mean, after all, they are all Prime Ministers, and as top government officials, other people are simply not there. You can just walk right through them…no need to step aside.

Let me tell you guys a little secret, because the provocateurs do not want you to know this.

Guess who performs this I own the public space, therefore, I am under no obligation to step aside for you, the most in our location. Is it males perhaps? In our location, the culprits are of the female persuasion, especially elderly women.

Will you ever hear a rational minded person like me say #KillAllWomen, #FemaleSplaining or #KillAllElderly?

Since I am not a provocateur, I would not. Instead, I prefer to approach topics logically, before latching onto buzzwords to capture social media attention.

This boils down to manners and basic human decency. It is not because females feel they own public spaces. It is not because the elderly feel they own public spaces. It is not because males feel they own public spaces.

It is because some people refuse to hold firm to human decency. However, as a provocateur, I can simply chalk this up as a masculinity problem—not poor manners.

I do not care if you are male, female, Christian, Buddhist, poor, wealthy, etc…I will provide you with the same degree of decency, and step aside if I notice you waking in my direction, and there is not enough space on your side.

If I accidentally bump into someone, I would say…

My apologies ma’am.
My apologies sir.

However, your website will not experience an uptick in traffic, by creating a headline concerning the decline of human decency.

Do you know what will?

By making the issue a male specific problem, you will cause viewers to swarm, like sharks to a pool of blood in the water.

To be quite honest, I am totally against these male versus female attention grabbing articles, and social experiments playing out online, which then evolves into public policy. I usually remove my emotions from writing, but these individuals are agenda-peddlers.

By that, they’ll push intentionally divisive content. Right now, it is popular to say masculinity is toxic and males are the problem regardless of the issue.

If your washing machine stops working a day after your warranty expires, blame the entire male population. After all, a man, James King, patented the first hand powered washing machine.

If your electricity goes out during a nationwide blackout, it is the fault of males. After all, a man “discovered” electricity.

If your order at a fast food restaurant does not meet the standards, which you saw in a television commercial, blame men. After all, the voice over actor is male.

Emotions and sarcasm aside, when people refuse to point out the lunacy playing out before their very eyes, you indirectly provide insanity a platform to appear sane.

When we refuse to say…

Wait minute now. Political views aside, religious views aside, and regardless if I have a buddy (penis) or kitty (vagina), what you want me to believe defies critical thinking/sound reasoning.

It validates the message of these provocateurs.

Whenever you encounter these irrational topics, do not have an allegiance to your sexual organs, religion, political views, ethnic group, etc. Instead, align yourself to sound reasoning.

If the person in question is spreading a message absent of this, first reject their propaganda and then logically refute their message into oblivion.

The world, which they are trying to create is a terrible one. Since that’s the case, none of us should yearn to be residents.

This is my perspective on the popularity of trying to paint every action by males, as being toxic and the root cause of issues within society.

Do you think mansplaining is based on sound reasoning? Do you think this is a male problem, or one rooted in the absence of human decency?