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Women and girls, you are not victims. Instead of this sense of victim conditioning, you should instead learn to have mental fortitude, resolve and personal responsibility. Through One Gentleman’s Perspective, I will ask of one favor.

What is this particular favor?

Please, put down the indoctrinated Kool-Aid that provocateurs are shipping to your homes, splashing in your favorite television shows, magazines and favorite websites.

You are far more capable, than you could ever imagine. You are not an android requiring daily fueling of data, in order to fulfill your duties. You are not a child, who is in need of parental guidance telling you what to think, how to feel, what to say, etc.

You are a person, with the ability to make decisions on your own, without feeling your allegiance should rest in the hands of one regurgitated message, where it seems your viewpoints all coincide with one another.

Your sentences should not begin, where the thoughts of another will end.

In other words, you are your own person. You do not need membership in a gang, which says you must follow blindly everything this gang thinks, and object other viewpoints that may logically attempt to discredit, the groupthink perspective of said gang.

You are not a victim. You are an individual with resolve. You are an individual who believes in personal responsibility, even when this gang teaches you that the responsibility should rest in the hands of everyone else—politicians, men, etc.

You are capable of taking care of yourself. You are capable of making choices, which are beneficial for your well-being, and you are 100 percent capable of owning the results of the choices you make.

You are not a victim. Please, do not let these provocateurs convince you otherwise.

You are not a delicate flower that blows in the wind. You are not an infant in need of constant adult supervision, based on this idea that you are incapable of handling your own business.

You are not a victim. You can do anything. Do not let them encourage you to find fault in men, merely for being men. Do not let them dictate a message, which says that a gentleman’s gesture of holding the door is somehow a form of oppression.

I beg of you…do not let them classify you as a victim. If others choose to reside in this victimhood culture, that is their business. However, with you, do not fall for the programming.

You may not be able to have it all as you desire, but like anyone else, you can be anything you desire…

Computer programmer
Marketing analyst
Stock broker

You are not a victim.  Never, ever, let them tell you otherwise.

However, this is my perspective. I want to know what you think. Are women and girls objects, incapable of making their own decisions because of male dominance? Do you think this culture of promoting victimhood; will benefit young girls and women in the end?