A man will cheat on his partner because the respect, which he is supposed to have, loses strength at a specific time in the presence of another woman. Why does this occur?

Bit-by-bit, his lack of self-control and a lack of concern for repercussion, eventually help in the removal of his respect. The second he waves the white flag in defeat, the only thing remaining is pure instinct. There is no empathy, no sympathy, no love—just primal instinct.

Self-control and a concern for repercussion from his partner, limits a man from committing an act, which he knows is clearly a poor decision.

That thing, which is able to stop an unemployed individual from robbing a bank, is no different from the two things, which should stop you from having sex outside of the relationship.

Morality aside, if you told the average individual that they have thirty minutes to enter and exit a bank, with as much money as they can carry in two suitcases, without any intervention from law enforcement, jail time, etc…they would do it without skipping a beat.

Self-control and understanding that there will be repercussions for your actions, will cause a person to think before making a decision. These two things will stop you from robbing a bank, because stealing from a bank usually involves death, bodily harm or imprisonment. If you remove these three variables, there would be a bank robbery every second.

When his act of indiscretion is completed, the primal instincts subside and usually, empathy, sympathy and the feelings he has for you will return.

I am not condoning, justifying or saying you should accept his infidelity. I am only showing through my perspective, one area of this equation.

For those guys who commit infidelity and come right back to you, they are able to return because they do not fear repercussion. Why is this concern absent? He does not fear repercussion because there will not be any.

In his mind, he believes you will never discover the day’s sexual tryst and if you did uncover the events, you will toss a few tantrums, throw a few wine glasses in his direction, cry for months on end…but you will do nothing to deliver true repercussion.

He will say things to numb the pain and allow you to monitor his text messages, social media accounts, etc. He will allow you to hurl insults in his direction, in order for you to externalize your anger.

In other words, your anger is short-lived. Inside, you are dying emotionally, but on the surface, he is not able to feel and/or see, your internal turmoil. This limits his empathy. Eventually, he is right back to his sexual adventures.

Sometimes he commits another infidelity, immediately after the fallout of your discovery, and other times, he returns when it seems you are back on your feet emotionally. Self-control plays a major factor, in whether a man is able to commit an act, which breaks the bond in his relationship.

I have eyes and they may not be 20/15 vision, but they are able to see the attractiveness of all women. Respect, self-control and understanding repercussion are three key differences, which separates me from countless other men, especially the ones who say I will eventually cheat on my wife.

I have immense respect for my wife and our union. I would never disrespect the journey that brought us to this point. Having eyes allows you to see attractive women everywhere. I have enough self-control, where I innately refuse acting upon this.

In other words, regardless how attractive Aishwarya Rai appears, it should never cause a man in a committed relationship, to pursue her in any way. Before I could ever cheat on my wife, I understand there is a repercussion for this infidelity. I do not fear wine glasses shattering by my head, nor is it because I fear physical retaliation.

I fear letting down my wife, because she deserves the best at all times. While courting my wife, the development of trust did not occur overnight. I consider her trust as a precious and rare gift. In fact, the trust is so incalculable, that alone impedes me from cheating.

Why do men cheat and return to their partners, as if the cheating did not occur? A man, who loses respect for you, usually does so after the removal of self-control, and all concerns regarding the repercussion for his actions.

Do not let a man believe that destroying your trust is ever acceptable behavior. You may not show him consciously, but on a subconscious level, you are allowing him to get away with murder.

A man without respect for you is far more likely to cheat, than a man who does have respect. A man, who loses self-control, has an easier time removing his concept of right or wrong, in the presence of another woman.

A man without any concern for repercussion is more likely to cheat, and return to his partner as if the deceitful act did not occur.