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All women are sluts.”

It does not take long for a Google search to provide results, to just about anything your mind can imagine. For the above statement, Google was able to locate over 13 million results in 0.29 seconds.

The internet allows ideas and stereotypes to spread faster and to a wider audience. One concern I witness often online, involves men and their application of the word slut, to just about every woman they encounter.

This post will be One Gentleman’s Perspective on men, and their ability of becoming too emotional and irrational, when the ego is involved. As a disclaimer, when I originally created this post, the goal was to show how men misuse a certain word against women.

I do not think the original direction was successful, therefore, I decided an edit was necessary, especially involving the recent discussion of words describing one’s actions.

There is a belief that I will consider common knowledge in the male community, whether you agree or not, the chances of coming into contact are very high. This belief is that all women are sexually promiscuous. All men do not believe this, but irrational ones do.

The current definition of a slut is a woman who has many casual sexual partners. The old definition simply implies a woman with low standards of cleanliness. Interestingly enough, the word originated as a definition representing untidy men.

If your actions do not denote the label, the application of the word makes little sense. In fact, even a woman who falls under the definition will find the label offensive, but that has more to do with her than any other party.

A gentleman is one who thinks rationally, a man on the other hand can think rationally and in other instances, insanely. Why is it important to think sensibly? Logic explains it is mathematically improbable that all women are sluts.

Is it possible that a her actions sexually, can fall under the definition of the word slut? By definition, of course this is possible. Words exists because of actions, and your actions will set in motion a word’s definition. However, a sensible individual is aware the definition cannot apply for all women.

More importantly, the definition is completely lost through an emotional reaction. In other words, in a heat of rage, the male will use the term completely out of context.

For example, in viewing commentary online, men apply the word to women, whose actions are opposite to the definition. A woman becomes licentious because she denies the advances of random strangers online, or disagrees with their opinion on a subject.

To the men practicing this irrational behavior, I will say that your ego can and has been your greatest enemy. If she denies your advances, collect your ego’s luggage and travel elsewhere.

If you disagree on something, how can you connect differing opinions, with her having a number of casual sexual encounters? This connection comes only through an individual thinking without sound judgment.

When it boils down to facts, you have no knowledge whatsoever about the sexual history of the woman, in which you hurl this label. I have witnessed males in public apply the label to a complete stranger, solely because she refuses to consider the butt slap or arm tug as chivalrous methods in gaining her attention.

I have witnessed men apply the label to celebrity women, with gossip websites as the only source. Tabloids are to sell controversy, and even when the information lacks tangible evidence, the story runs nonetheless. This is the last place for you to gather evidence, as to her number of sexual partners.

When the situation involves this word and illogical men, facts are not important. Her actual sexual history is irrelevant. Words serve a purpose, but misusing words undermines their meaning, therefore, the misuse serves no purpose.

When the male ego encounters bruising of any kind, he either takes it on the chin and walks away or reacts emotionally. Like a newborn unable to speak, which cries in pain to garner the attention of their guardian, an irrational adult male grabs attention in a way he knows best—saying and doing anything he knows will spark a reaction.

Here is a simple solution to this problem—think before you speak. Boys act first and ask questions later. However, you are a man and as a man, you strive to be a gentleman…well, that is the goal in maturing from boy to man.

When you use a word, make sure the definition actually applies to one’s actions. Your feelings on the matter are irrelevant. However, your understanding of words is significant.

I find humor in many places where others may not. The word slut applies to someone having a number of casual sexual partners. I have been in situations where a woman rejects to having sex with a guy, and he labels her a slut in response.

You see, this is incredibly funny and illogical to me. I am not laughing at a woman receiving the label. I find humor in the fact that this guy specifically called a woman a slut, all because she refused to have sex with him. LoL. Wow! Come on guys, we have to do better.

Tell me, have you ever encountered the emotional male and his misuse of the word? Are you someone who has applied the term incorrectly? What is your take on labeling someone a slut?