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I am an equal opportunist when it involves discussions. In other words, if there is a topic to discuss about women, I will not run in the opposite direction, if I have something to share. If there is a topic to discuss about men,  I will not run in the opposite direction, if I have something to share.

I recently created a post regarding men, and their misuse of the word slut. I think today’s topic relates perfectly.

All gentlemen are men, but not all men are gentlemen. Why is this distinction important for today’s topic? This will be a long post, so pull up a chair for a few minutes.

There are things that a man would do, which a gentleman refrains from. In the same token, there are things a gentleman would do, that a man rejects.

This brings us to the topic of cat-calling, which the awesome blogger Sara, inspired me to address.

What exactly is cat-calling? The original definition involves a sound or noise that someone (such as an audience member) makes toward a speaker, performer, athlete, etc., which he or she does not like.

In other words, this reminds me of a heckler.

A heckler will often shout disparaging comments at a performance or event, or to interrupt set-piece speeches, with the intent of disturbing performers and/or participants.

Imagine a press conference involving President Obama, where he is addressing climate change and a man in the audience shouts:

You don’t like Filipinos. Apple pies are not as American as key lime pies.

The statement has little to do with the press conference, and yet, the man felt the random comment was necessary. I consider these people trolls and the internet is rampant with trolls.

Over the years, cat-calling experienced an additional meaning. Today, cat-calling involves a whistle, shout, or comment of a sexual nature to a woman passing by.

Is there an epidemic of sorts, where each male in public salivates with lust, waiting patiently for their next fix to pass by to catcall?

There are particular groups passing off this assessment, but that is not the reality. I choose to refrain from exaggerating things to push an agenda, and cat-calling is no different.

In my opinion, I do not believe there is an epidemic. However, I definitely agree that cat-calling does occur. To deny this fact is an obvious fabrication.

With that said, although a number of women will refuse to admit, my eyes do not lie, but cat-calling is negative and positive. I will explain why, so please refrain from calling me a jerk.

I think each woman determines what cat-calling means to her. I know that may sound weird, but as mentioned before, observation tells no lies. LoL.

How can whistles, shouts or comments of a sexual nature to a woman passing by, convey a disgusting reaction for one woman and a smile with another?

If the cat-caller is someone that the woman considers attractive, the energy is accepted differently than if she has no interest for the man in question.

The type of woman also determines whether to embrace the catcall with open arms, react negatively or ignore the gesture entirely.

Once again, actions speak far more to me, than the words a person conveys. There are a number of people believing that all forms of cat-calling is repulsive, and degrading to women.

I will not disagree with the assessment that cat-calling is repulsive. However, you have to see it through the eyes of cat-callers. Once again, hear me out before you call me a jerk. I am definitely against this behavior, but this is not about me, this is about them.

People say one thing, but when these men have women welcoming their catcalls, it can be misleading, when they also hear from other women that the act is revolting.

If women do not stand in unison on this issue, mixed signals are what these men will experience.

Wait a minute, she entertained my catcall earlier, but another girl is online saying that she finds it repulsive.

With my own eyes, I observe women acknowledging with a smile, and eventually heading back into the direction of these cat-callers. So what is it? Is cat-calling bad or is cat-calling acceptable?

You see, it all depends. I may consider it XYZ and you may consider it XYZ, but there are a number of women who consider cat-calling ABC. In other words, not only do these women not mind, they enjoy the attention.

As mentioned before, the type of woman and the description of the cat-caller makes a difference, in how the individual will perceive cat-calling.

I see it this way, some people believe blondes do it better, whereas some guys are only attracted to brunettes. There are some women who love muscular men, but it is also clear that some women do not. Cat-calling is like all other things in life, which means it comes down to interpretation.

With my own eyes on a number of occasions, I observe a guy yelling out of his car  or standing on the street…

Yo! Come here ma. Yo! I said come here.

She twirls her head in his direction, smiles and like a misguided individual, she entertains this supposed courting tactic. LoL. For those unaware, ma is a slang term for girl.