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If we had a daughter and she ever acknowledges this nonsensical attempt at courting, I would disown her. I would pack her bags, give her a bus ticket and disown her on the spot. I am kidding, but come on. What type of courting language is that? Is he calling his dog?

As mentioned before, it all comes back to the type of girl, and if the cat-caller is enticing to her. With this out of the way, I will share my take on the entire ordeal of cat-calling.

Gentlemen do not catcall. It is that simple. I do not know if it is due to my maturity, but there are things from my youth involving women, which I once considered acceptable.

However, at this point in my life, I feel weird. You would imagine I was an older gentleman, but I am a young guy.

My thought process when it involves women is vastly different, from when I was a teenager. Is it because I am now a married man?

Perhaps it is directly related to my journey on a gentleman’s lifestyle. Whatever the reason, certain things are simply unacceptable as a gentleman.

Cat-calling happens to be part of this unacceptable list. As a gentleman, I understand what it means to respect one’s personal space.

It is intrusive to grab her arm as she walks by, as a means of gaining her attention. Slapping her derrière is intrusive, because it is a complete invasion of her personal space.

To a gentleman, the way that potential suitors must treat his daughter, is the same manner he would treat women he pursues.

To holler, Come here sexy from one’s car, does not fall under the guidelines of this treatment. Shouting Yo ma to an attractive woman on the street, is completely opposite of a gentleman’s treatment.

The men who behave this way know right from wrong, in a general sense of course. How do I know this? Well, do the same to their sister or mother, and watch the reaction.

The words they once considered flirtatious are now offensive, ignorant and overstepping boundaries. Why do they conduct behavior they understand is inappropriate? I have a simple answer and it may surprise many.

They do not care. LoL. I am being completely honest. They do not care. They catcall because they actually think it is enticing for you, and even when you let them know you find the cat-calling rude, they are shocked.

They are shocked that women find these romantic gestures offensive. In his mind, the words should make you feel good. I see it often actually.

Guy: Yo sexy. What’s your name? Yo! Yo! Sexy, come here.

Girl: (Turns into his direction) That is a disgusting way to approach me (Turns to walk away)

Guy: Are you serious? I just wanted to let you know you look sexy today. You don’t have to act like a b**** about it. Whatever, you are not that hot anyway. Get out of here you stupid b****.

You see, in his warped reality, you should consider his means of gaining your attention as a compliment. I will repeat, nothing you or any campaign will do, can cause an adult male with this understanding to change. Everything begins from a young age.

Young boys must learn from a young age, how a gentleman must act in the presence of a woman, which he finds interesting. You will never change an adult male stuck in his ways, when it involves the treatment of women, until he is ready to change.

This is akin to changing the mindset of gold-digging women, who are seasoned in their ways of using men for financial means. You cannot change their way of thinking, until they decide to change.

This explanation may come across as if I am condoning the behavior, but this is the reality. Generally speaking of course, but a cat-caller is aware that cat-calling is wrong.

This assessment is not an excuse that boys will be boys, or any of that gibberish. The issue of correction comes down to the individual; whether male, female, old or young. People know right from wrong, and yet, they continue the behavior nonetheless.

You are able to correct behavior when it involves children. However, when it involves adults, it is not so black and white. Until they are willing to change, the behavior will remain the same.

Cat-calling is lame, because it lacks the skill of actual dialogue. I enjoy the usage of words, therefore, shouting random phrases to women seems weird. This is my perspective, but I am interested in hearing yours.

What are your experiences with cat-calling? Does it depend on the type of guy and/or setting? In other words, do you specifically feel cat-calling is ever acceptable?

If your favorite actor/entertainer cat-called, would you respond differently, in comparison to a non-celebrity cat-caller? As a guy, do you catcall? As a woman, do you catcall?