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I am sure someone will say…

Why does she have to speak to someone, if she does not want to?

You are correct. She has the freedom to walk the street, without talking to anyone.

Here is the thing, until my wife expressed to me that she prefers remaining on one island during a cruise, as opposed to island hopping, I would continue booking cruises where the trip is consisted of island hopping.

What is the point? Until you express to me your point of view on something, it is difficult to know your specific point of view on said subject.

When she created this social experiment and decided to remain silent in the video, she omitted usage of actual definitions. These men do not know her, and are completely unaware of her history.

Remember, feelings are absent for the time being. My feelings on the subject are irrelevant. I am not siding with them or condoning the behavior.  I wish to view this topic by applying proper usage of words, and their definitions.

She walked in silence for 10 hours. By the definitions of annoying and harassment, how should these strangers know hi sweetie, good morning beautiful, have a nice evening beautiful, smile, and how are you this morning, are forms of harassment to her, when we consider the keyword annoying?

She did not speak and express to them, that their method of communication were both annoying and harassing in nature.

I am going to interject my feelings here so you can as well. The two guys who walked alongside her—they are the epitome of what I consider thirsty, which refers to someone too eager to get something (acknowledgement from someone), or simply desperate.

There is a fine line between a woman playing hard-to-get, and a woman completely ignoring you. This woman was clearly doing the latter. I highly recommend against any man behaving in this manner, because it screams desperation. If you desire romance from a woman, desperation will rarely help.

Why in the world would you walk alongside her, after her initial silence for five minutes? The guy was clearly waiting for her to speak, because he glanced in her direction several times, along this silent journey.

Thirsty Guy 1: You don’t wanna talk? Because I’m ugly? We can’t be friends, nothing? You don’t speak? If I give you my number, would you talk to me?

When you are thirsty, you will misrepresent someone ignoring you, with someone simply playing hard-to-get. However, when you lack this thirst, you are well aware how to differentiate between the two.

Words have meaning. I believe that wholeheartedly. The problem that I have with the usage of words, begins when people misuse them.

1Even with consent, it is still rape.

You see, to this person, words have no meaning. We can simply say that the word heart, will now mean the liver, and the word liver is now changed to esophagus. To this person— the heck with words. They will simply make up things as they go, all to suit their feelings.

2A woman is sitting inside a restaurant, having dinner by herself. A guy also having dinner by himself at the table nearby turns, and inquires about her meal. The idea is to spark conversation, between two individuals having dinner by themselves. She ignores him, retrieves her phone and sends out a tweet. Ugh! This pervert has the nerve to harass me in public.

You see, to this person, definitions change like the wind. She completely undermines that he approached her in an appropriate manner, but she also ignores him entirely.

It is one thing if she replied, I actually want to be left alone right now, and he persisted. His persistence can lead to harassment. It is one thing if he outright turned, and licked her toes. This is indicative of a pervert harassing someone.

Feelings aside, the problem I have with the video is the agenda it is pushing, in the face of street harassment. When we blur the meanings of words and refuse to take heed to actual definitions, something and nothing will mean the same.

1Kevin politely asked Beth, out on a date

Yup, that is rape

2After telling her boyfriend repeatedly for three minutes to stop, Bob forced her to perform oral sex on him

Yup, that is rape as well

3Kevin gives Craig $5K with no strings attached, due to Ben’s increasing hospital bills

Ben most certainly stole the $5K from Craig

4Timothy broke into his neighbor’s house and stole $1M worth of jewelry

Yup, that is also theft

When we fail to be mindful of our usage of words, things that actually represent the definition, begin to lose their significance. The actions in scenario 2 + 4, are used correctly. The other two, not so much.

If I were an actual victim of rape, the woman inside the restaurant applying rape to her situation, would anger me immensely. If I were an actual victim of theft, the idea that Craig giving Ben $5K represents theft, would anger me greatly.

Was she harassed in the video? That answer is for another day, because she did not reference what she considers annoying or harassment to these men. Remember, catcalling and harassment—these things are subjective.

Today, we are changing words and constructing policies, based entirely on feelings. I would be more inclined to embrace the video, if she was clear on the language she considers appropriate, when men engage her.

Right now, I only see an agenda. Words have meaning to me, but lately, people are misusing words left and right, all to suit their feelings.

Nevertheless, this is my perspective; I am interested in hearing yours. Do you think it is necessary to outline to people approaching you in public, what you consider harassment and inappropriate?

Do you think her silence makes a difference, when we understand the actual definition of harassment and annoying? What are your thoughts on people using words in one situation, and then misusing the words in another unrelated situation?