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There is no judgment here. I am simply stating the obvious. In a generalization, the women displaying themselves in this manner are seeking attention.

It is a learned behavior and through the attention she receives, it determines the extent of her self-worth. With that said, some guys know exactly what to say, to gain their attention.

How you represent yourself, especially in your online profile, allows a guy to determine on a difficulty scale, what it takes to have sex with you.

Profiles like the one mentioned above lack any difficulty. Even if the user has countless men vying for her attention, there is a way to always stand out and gain her attention.

Though she is the one seeking attention, the right words can allow her to provide attention to you.

Please remove the emotion while reading this post, because I know some will be boiling red and upset with everything expressed.

However, I am simply giving insight into what happens when you conduct yourself in a particular fashion. Remember, energy is important when it involves relationships, whether platonic or romantic.

You do not leave out a perfectly cooked steak, and not expect your friend who loves steak, to refuse asking for a sample.

When you place yourself on display in this manner, you will attract the type of men, willing to say anything to gain access.

Step 1: He does not mention your physical appearance.

He wants to appear different from the other guys pursuing you, therefore, talking about the size of your derriere and things of the sort are useless.

Step 2: He will find something in her profile/photo, which no other guy cares to discuss and begins dialogue on that topic

This is where he will find something about her, which no other guy will reference. This is not to say after his initial encounter, she will be in his bed.

That can happen of course, but this step is simply to separate himself from the other guys using the same mundane lines, about how sexy she appears, etc. For instance, he notices that she likes to read Stephen King.

I just completed Doctor Sleep a few days ago. It was not what I expected for a sequel, but it still ranks up there with my top ten books from King.

Have you read this book? If so, did you consider it an adequate sequel? What are your top five books from King?

As mentioned before, these women crave attention; therefore, this information comes out of left field.

Although the other guys are focusing on the obvious, this particular guy seems different, because he is actually paying attention to something beyond the obvious. She loves all attention, but this attention separates itself from the rest.

Step 3: He will repeat the things she wants to discuss and continue asking questions about it

The dialogue will focus on something she considers interesting. His focus is to maintain dialogue on whatever she is looking to discuss.

Step 4: He will make her feel important and significant

I know what you are thinking right now, because this may sound horrible. However, as I have always mentioned, your energy will attract exactly what you put out.

Interestingly, this approach will lose its effectiveness on women who behave opposite, of what I consider attention-starved. Why is this?

In my opinion, when women have no desire for random attention from men, they do not seek validity in the number of men paying them attention. They do not consider their bodies, as the only thing of value.

A man does not define the worth of this woman, and though they may accept the attention from men, it is not necessary. In other words, if men pay her attention, it will never relate to her sense of worth.

On the other hand, with women starving for male attention, the attention means everything. They crave it in the same manner an alcoholic needs the bottle.

There are times I find myself online, and I have the inclination to send these women, especially teenagers,  a private message of brotherly advice.

However, I realize this is not my place. If they were a loved one, it would be a different story.

I encountered women like this during my past often, and there is a common theme with them. Their lives are absent of positive role models, more specifically, male role models.

Think of it this way, the F.B.I. hires hackers, because they have insight that regular cybersecurity programmers may not. They see things, which another programmer is unable to see.

This is how I see things online. I am not an expert and would never claim to be. I simply know how I was in the past, along with countless other males, and I know girls are falling for the trap far too often.

But once again, it is not my place. Hopefully, one of them reads this blog and it helps them in some way. Perhaps a guy will read this blog, and decide to change his ways also.

I cannot change the world, but when you have information that can help someone, it is an injustice not to share. If my perspective was able to change for the better, I am sure theirs could as well.

However, this is my perspective and a look into the thoughts of the old me. Did you ever encounter someone while dating, which you only desired for sex? Did a guy ever desire you solely for sexual reasons?

Are there things you tell your friends or relatives to be mindful, when it comes to dating? Are there things in your past life, which you no longer practice in relationships?