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One Gentleman: (Raises hand) Teacher…pick me.

Teacher: (Looks around to ignore his hand)

One Gentleman: (Raises hand) Teacher…pick me…pick me…pick me…pick me.

Teacher: (Rolls eyes) Okay One Gentleman, stop sucking up. Go ahead…you can answer.

One Gentleman: I’m only eight years-old, but does that same rule apply to President Barack Obama?

Teacher: What do you mean?

One Gentleman: Well, his mother was White, but the First Lady is Black. Why is there not a problem with him marrying a non-White woman, when his mother is White, yet, when Black guys with Black mothers marry non-Black women, suddenly, the racial makeup of their mothers come into question. Teacher…I am confused.

Teacher: Well, you got me there.

—Class over—

The racial makeup of my mother is irrelevant, when it involves the racial identity of the woman I engage with sexually.

If my mother were short, should I only wed a short woman? If she was born with a rare disease, should I seek out women with the same rare disease?

Why should I feel ashamed that I married a woman, with the ability of making my mornings appear like sunshine in paradise, due to her beautiful face resting next to me? This is illogical.

Weak Black men like you, want a woman they can walk all over.

So…it is wrong for non-Black individuals to stereotype Black people, but perfectly fine for Black people to stereotype non-Black groups.

Okay, I understand. It is illogical, but I understand. You are stereotyping my wife due to her racial makeup and of course, all women like her are submissive.

You know more about my wife than I do, right? Please, explain why she loves sleeping on the right side of the bed. Better yet, what is her favorite cuisine? Come on…you know her better than I do, right?

You heard from a friend, who heard from a friend, who happens to be the cousin of a girl, who was the best friend of another girl who saw a movie, where it says women like her are submissive.

Of course, that is evidence to validate your point, right? I do not walk all over my wife, nor would I desire having a wife I can walk all over. It is utterly unattractive.

There is nothing attractive, about having a woman as a pet. That relationship dynamic is not for me.

If it makes me weak because she and I communicate effectively, and agree that a peaceful home is a happy one, then I guess that makes me weak.

Once again, you are making this about something it is not. You are imposing your feelings in an area, where they should not exist. This is illogical.

You f****ng sellout

LoL. I usually laugh at this one because like the others, it is completely absent of logic. However, how can you even make a rebuttal for this? HaHaHa.

What’s wrong with Black women?

What is wrong with frogs sleeping on hammocks, the movie Inception in slow motion, raw eggs floating in space or alphabets missing the letter T?

Wait, huh?

So…this is not, ask a stupid question day? I thought it was, because you asked what was wrong with Black women. I have no idea what that even means, so I figured we were having a challenge of listing, who could ask the most idiotic questions.

This question makes no sense to me. So tell me, what is wrong with Black women? My sisters are pretty awesome, and my mum is also awesome. My friends are awesome, so yeah, what is wrong with Black women?

Once again, this question makes no sense. Let us place this into the illogical bucket.

Do you even find Black women attractive?

I most definitely find Black women attractive. When we are watching shows, reading magazines or watching movies, there are tons of attractive Black women.

For instance, Kerry Washington, Ki-Toy Johnson and Tamron Hall come to mind. However, even if I were to list a thousand names, how exactly does this benefit you? What does my attraction for Black women; have to do with my marriage? LoL.

Some people will reject critical thinking, by saying that critical thinking is not necessary. When you refuse to use critical thinking, you end up with questions and statements like the ones above.

Emotions and feelings are incredibly important, but there is a time and a place for them.

When you are addressing serious topics, you can bring your emotions along for the ride, but do not allow them to drive the conversation. It will fog your windows, making it difficult to see where you are going.

I love my wife. She is everything to me. My mornings are not the same, if it were any other face lying next to me.

If you think the intensity of my admiration, appreciation, trust, devotion and love, occurs because of her racial identity—you…are…a…bloody…idiot. LoL.

I do not care about your stereotype that, Black males marry non-Black females upon experiencing success, which by the way is statistically false. Black males statistically wed Black women more than they do any other race—that is a fact.

I do not care what Tommy heard from Craig, who heard from Sandra, about Steven’s encounter with someone who looks like my wife.

Just stop…if you want to inquire about the relationship, ask me specifically about my relationship. Your negative feelings based on past occurrences, with people who look like my wife are irrelevant.

I do not dislike Black women; I find attractiveness in all ethnic/racial groups. I am not with my wife because of her racial identity. Imagine if the logic some used on my relationship, is what other groups use upon the entire Black population.

Do not trust those Black folks. They are all untrustworthy

I wouldn’t hire Blacks—they are too lazy

A Black guy robbed me a few years ago. I haven’t trusted any since.

Most of our encounters are positive while in public. However, negativity occurs from some, due to their own stereotypes.

In our experiences throughout the relationship, the negative encounters usually involve some Black females and some of the Asian/Pacific Island elders. I laugh it off, because I can find humor in almost anything.

This is my perspective on the topics people often raise. I would love to hear yours. Do you think it is important, that someone’s partner must have a similar racial identity as the parent? How do you react to interracial couples in public/privately?